Really greasy lawsuit -

Really greasy lawsuit

“Heart-attack”-themed restaurants in legal showdown


The owner of Heart Attack Grill in Arizona has filed a lawsuit against the Heart Stoppers Sports Grill in Florida, claiming it stole his idea for unhealthy, cholesterol-raising fare. Papers filed by restaurateur Jon Basso claim he’s the originator of the medically-themed hamburger grill and restaurant. The lawsuit also outlines about 30 ways Heart Stoppers is similar, including signs with EKG heart monitors, waitresses dressed as nurses and offers of free food to patrons weighing more than 350 pounds. The owners of Heart Stoppers have countered that the two restaurants are different conceptually: “The Arizona restaurant’s concept is high-caloric food that is bad for you and will basically kill you … My guys have a restaurant that is medically themed,” noting that Heart Stoppers is festooned with defibrillators, dialysis machines and other medical equipment, has tables that resemble wheelchairs and serves salt and pepper in pill bottles.

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Really greasy lawsuit

  1. Uh oh, I wonder if the one chain pub down the street from me will sue the other chain pub down the street from me for having ripped off the license-plates-and-faux-vintage-beer-ads-on-the-wall decor.

  2. i thought the name for the restaurant that will give you a heart attack is mcdonalds

    • That's not funny. I was executor for a relative who ate at McDonald's two or three times a day, and died of a heart attack.

  3. What came of this lawsuit? I meet the owner of the Heart attack Grill few years back really nice guy.
    His Grill Next Door restaurant on 48th street and Thomas is closed now too?