Rebellion at short notice is her specialty. -

Rebellion at short notice is her specialty.


UPDATED! New info after the jump!

I think most emphatically not:

Staffer fired as Conservatives scurry from sex film screening

OTTAWA — A provocative movie about the sex lives of young people is too hot for some Conservatives to handle – and a parliamentary staffer has been fired for ordering tickets to a special screening.

Tory MPs are denying they ever planned to watch the film “Young People F**king” even though several of their names appeared on an RSVP list for an Ottawa viewing Thursday night.

The movie has fuelled censorship debate around a Conservative bill that would deny tax credits to productions deemed “contrary to public policy” by the government.

An assistant to MP Gary Goodyear from Cambridge, Ont. was fired after Goodyear’s name showed up on the screening guest list. She had in fact ordered the ticket for herself.

“I do not want to see his reputation harmed over something so trivial and untrue,” wrote Victoria van Eyk in a clarifying e-mail early Tuesday to The Canadian Press.

“The simple fact is we ordered an extra invitation for our files, and so that I may attend the film or pass the invitation on to someone who WOULD, in fact, enjoy a movie like that.”

The emphatic effort to clear her boss of any such predilection was apparently sent just before she was dismissed. No one in Goodyear’s office returned calls.

Yeah, I think I’ll be in attendance, but no worries; the identities of Conservative MPs and staffers will be obscured for their own protection. (I’d suggest that they think long and hard about what kind of employer would fire them simply for going to a movie, but you know what? I suspect that some of them are already doing just that.)

UPDATE – More details on the firing from the Waterloo Record, including some choice quotes from the assistant that seem to contradict her boss’s version of events, and further, make me sad:

[…] Van Eyk says she deserved her punishment because Goodyear specifically told her not respond to an invitation to a screening of “Young People F——.” She did anyway, and Goodyear’s name appeared on the RSVP list, along with several other Conservative MPs. “I have no bitterness toward him at all,” van Eyk said in an interview from Ottawa. “It’s completely my fault.” […] Other Tories suggested van Eyk’s firing was an over-the-top reaction to being associated with a racy film. Goodyear said his assistant’s dismissal was a private matter and not connected to the issue over the tickets, he said. “I don’t think there’s a relationship . . . . She was dismissed, but not because she wanted to go see the movie. It’s a coincidence, if anything.”


Rebellion at short notice is her specialty.

  1. Actually, the Tories should produce their own film about their cabinet called “Young Conservatives F#@^ing Up”. Judging from the news of late, I bet it would have even fewer “family values” than that other film. The sheer self righteous hypocrisy makes it all so sordid!

  2. Gary Goodyear is an evangelical Christian and his name on the ticket list would not look good for him given the Charles McVety stand on the matter of C-10 and Young People F**king.

  3. Red carpet liveblogging! Bring it on!

    That being said, the Conservatives reaction to this is really quite chilling.

  4. It appears to be all about image. CPC has never had an image … other than some antiquated silliness about controlling the morality of others … by example, no less. Road Apples. Get McVety on the phone right away and tell him what you think … or better still Cheryl Gallant.

  5. If you go, let us know it there is actually any YPFing. I’ve heard the movie is quite tame. Also, Carly Pope is my wife’s cousin. How is she?

  6. The story’s not clear.

    This van Eyk got fired because she said Goodyear would be in attendance or because some promoter made a series of assumptions?

    If its the latter PSAC going wildcat is LONG overdue.

  7. Unfortunately, if she is a political staffer, she gets no protection from PSAC, or any other union (unless she works for the NDP).

  8. She shouldn’t need it.

  9. The fact is she was fired for not following her boss’ orders. The fact that it coincided with such a strongly-worded film title is unfortunate. At least she stepped up about it, was honest about her mistake and took full responsibility. What about the other M.P’s that were listed on the article who simply denied it?

  10. Isn’t your time “off work” supposed to be your own “private” time? Is she not an adult to make her own decisions? Is your boss supposed to be able to tell you what you can and can’t do in your own “private” life? Afterall, they say the Bernier briefs affair is considered the private life of citizens?

    Hey, can’t have it both ways – so which is it?

  11. comment by Lamenting Scorpio on 28 May 2008:

    “The fact is she was fired for not following her boss’ orders.”

    What order was that?

  12. Holy crap Gary, it’s not like she bought a homeless lady a timbit or something. Cut the poor wretch some slack.

  13. Isn’t this what censors do: condemn without seeing, dismiss without thinking, obfuscate when it suits them, then claim that it’s all based on “values” and “principles”?

    In Harper’s Ottawa, you can be completely incompetent (hello, Mr. Bernier!) or an over-the-top-intellectually-disonest bonehead(Mr. Poilièvre, that’s you!) and you will do just fine. But if you break the moral code of the PM, think for yourself, say what you think or otherwise breach the veil of secrecy, you’re toast.

    Can anyone name a more hypocritical, secretive and cynical government in the history of our country? Has any government ever gone so far out of its way to prove that it takes its citizens for fools?

    The Harper Conservatives have made a joke of accountable government. And I sincerely hope that Canadians will tell them loud and clear when they come knocking at election time.

  14. Any word on whether Vic Toews is planning to go to the film? Or is he just keeping a low profile in gratitude for the Bernier distraction from his own Young People F…ing?

  15. Hey, it looks like an interesting film:

    Not exactly pornographic, though. Maybe that’s what turned the Tories off.

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