Recessionomics: Bling as leading indicator?


Remember that wsj story about how the recession was forcing rappers to cut back on bling — some were even sporting jewlery made of cubic zirconium? Bling is back — Soulja Boy has apparently got himself a new chain:

Showing off his new diamond chain that doubles as a remote control toy Lamborghini, the young brother proceeds to wow his audience by pushing the limits of financial extravagance. I’ve seen rappers with chains shaped like the state of New York or jewels that have their names on them, but I have never seen a chain that doubles as a remote control car.


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Recessionomics: Bling as leading indicator?

  1. Since this isn't much of a topic, I'll go totally off it and ask: Given how much we know about how the Insurance industry has committed resources very surreptitiously to derailing public deliberation of health care reform in the US (just the latest example that comes to mind), would your good friend Joseph Heath care to restate the exhortation that we all just need to learn to "love the psychopath?"

  2. I give this dude under 5 years until he's on some crap-tastic reality show like Big Brother or I'm a celebrity get me out of here.
    I'd bet all my bling on it.
    P.S. apparently the The Recession is over