Reddit co-founder charged with stealing documents

Aaron Swartz alleged to have stolen millions of academic papers from M.I.T., JSTOR


The co-founder of prominent social networking site Reddit was indicted Tuesday on charges that he stole over 4 million academic documents from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and JSTOR, an archive of scientific journals and academic papers. Aaron Swartz faces up to 35 years in prison and $1 million in fines if convicted. The charges against Swartz include wire fraud, computer fraud, obtaining information from a protected computer and criminal forfeiture.

New York Times

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Reddit co-founder charged with stealing documents

  1. Interesting addendum to this story: JSTOR has already settled any claims against Aaron, explained they’ve suffered no loss or damage, and asked the government not to prosecute.

    Remember, Aaron was a student at MIT when he did this, meaning that he had full, legal access to the JSTOR documents through MIT’s subscription, so all he did was circumnavigate their regular interface.