Redford wins Alberta PC leadership in tight race -

Redford wins Alberta PC leadership in tight race

Will become province’s first female premier


Allison Redford beat perceived frontrunner Gary Mar to take the leadership of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party after a close race that wasn’t decided until the early hours of Sunday morning. Redford will become Alberta’s first female premier. The 46-year-old family and human rights lawyer held a press conference Sunday morning, telling reporters in Edmonton that she plans to establish family care clinics and restore $100 million in education cuts. However, she won’t call another session at the provincial legislature until next year, when she will present a budget and call a general election. Redford indicated that she will invite Mar and other leadership candidates to take positions in her cabinet.

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Redford wins Alberta PC leadership in tight race

  1. The final results of the Alberta Premier vote was extremely close at only 2.5% difference in the top two candidates. Right now the media is agogo with emotion in a new and first female Premier of Alberta.
    However what is lesser known is that Alberta’s piggy bank is limited. Had Alberta not paid over $100 billion dollars into equalisation more than it got back over ten years  then this Province would be easy to administer. However immigration from other Provinces to  ALBERTA is the highest it has ever been meaning that all these folks have to get schooling and healthcare whether they are employed or not. Consequently the HEALTHCARE and EDUCATION costs in Alberta are going through the roof and cannot remain without a serious economic analysis and correction. Two other factors come into play. OIl pricing is dependent on world conditions which at best are fragile and oil  prices may level off. Also Alberta has a growing and aging population, like all Provinces in Canada and that places severe constraints on extended healthcare and entitlements. Redford has quickly written a cheque for Education shortfall that the Stelmach regime cut back, but thats an easy first move promised in her manifesto.
    Its now that the real job begins. Theres no magic bullet,even if the media wax eloquent over Ms Redfords election. A Provincial Election is expected before June of 2012. There is a rumoured  expectation that many current MLAs will not run again, leaving a new Premier and a bunch of rookies in Alberta.
    WE shall see. But in any event, economics will dominate Alberta Politics. As I said, the PIGGY BANK is the same size, regardless of the owner’s gender.
    Alberta will eventually have to supplement Healthcare with PREMIUMS and possibly that dreaded SALES TAX introduction. Good leaders have to make unpopular decisions. It is coming sooner than later, folks. 
    MATH 101 has not changed since PLATO.

    • If Ontario wasn’t making equalization payments, we wouldn’t have a deficit.

      Economics are the same for all provinces…the difference with Alberta is that it’s all based on commodities.