Reefer madness

Justice minister pushes prison sentences for single-plant pot heads


In what is possibly the most controversial justice bill proposed by the Conservatives, pot dealers could face mandatory jail time in a bid to quell what they say is being used as “currency” to import hard drugs. The new legislation would impose one-year sentences for marijuana dealers when the activity is tied to organized crime or involves a weapon, and two-year sentences for dealing drugs like methamphetamines, heroin cocaine, heroin to young people. Those who grow pot would also face jail time; six months for sprouting one to 200 plants, and two years for harvesting 500 plants or more. Critics argue the bill would land drug addicts—rather than big-time dealers—in jail, without access to treatment programs.

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Reefer madness

  1. This is absolutely the most irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars I’ve ever heard of!

    Jail for one pot plant? Do the Con party have no regard for the taxpayer dollars they will be wasting to teach these small time potheads how to be real criminals? All they will learn in jail is how to be better criminals, and without access to treatment, they will just be back in again and again, further draining scarce resources.

  2. Another blatant example of how the government of Canada is acting against the will of the people. i.e.
    -Legalize pot
    -Get out of Afganistan
    -No more RCMP self policing
    -Lable GMO foods
    -No bank bail outs

    The list goes on.
    What are an ignored population to do?

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