Rejected by voters, Conservatives are Senate-bound -

Rejected by voters, Conservatives are Senate-bound

Stephen Harper names Smith, Manning, Verner to Upper Chamber


Stephen Harper plans to appoint a trio of Conservatives defeated in the last election to the Senate. Larry Smith and Fabian Manning, both of whom stepped down from their Senate positions to run as Conservatives, as well as former cabinet minister Josée Verner, are headed to the Upper Chamber. On the night he lost his bid for a Montreal-area seat in the House of Commons, Smith notably said he wouldn’t return to the Senate.

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Rejected by voters, Conservatives are Senate-bound

  1.  nothing in his way now………………be afraid!

  2. Let me get this straight.  Harper wanted an elected Senate and when these 3 couldn’t get elected by the people, Harper appoints them there anyways.  What a hypocrite. 

    • Yeah no kidding. I mean honestly.

      Can’t get elected? Hey no problem. No problem at all. 

      But hey, where’s the surprise right? We just rewarded him for years of anti-democratic behaviour. Clearly he can do whatever he wants after that.

    •  His previous excuse was that the opposition stopped him from implementing reform. Clearly that was a lie because they aren’t stopping him now and he’s still playing the game the same way.

  3. Harper has no shame.  Appointing individuals that have been squarely rejected by the electorate is an affront to Democracy.  

    • This is the senate.  There is no democracy, only patronage. 

  4.  Well after waiting for two almost two years with an open offer to the provinces to appoint anyone who ran for the Senate in a provincial election in any province where there was a vacancy, and getting zero response from the provinces, he started appointing them. What was he suppose to do to make you all happy, wait until the “natural governing party”  got elected so Liberals could stack the Senate again? In their current state of affairs that will not be for a very long time. No wait I guess you would prefer that failed Bloc candidates be put there. Iggie lost, Harper won, get over it. Cheers.

    • Well, he could’ve waited until the end of his term to stack it, or he could’ve kept the current numbers (still a Con majority) and worked to eliminate the Senate.  But he won, so instead he can act exactly like Mulroney, Chretien, or Martin and ignore all of that BS he fed us about working to fix or eliminate the patronage chamber. 

  5. Well what did all you people who voted for him expect?  It’s not like he wasn’t an anti-democratic liar and hypcrite before the election.  The 2008 coalition should’ve ended his career when they had the chance.  If “losers” are going to get to govern, at least that would’ve been rooted in democratic tradition and principals.  

  6. Harper’s calculating that people won’t care about this move, egregious as it might be to various pundits and observers. And he’s right. If anybody brings this up in four years come election time, I’ll be shocked… a helluva lot more shocked than I am by these Senate appointments.

    People just don’t care. The bar has been set so low now, our expectations of government are so bottom-of-the-barrel, these kinds of cynical moves are just mere annoyances, if that.


    In Canada we
    pride ourselves for living in “a democracy”, yet our democracy is plainly not
    very democratic.  This
    past election, the Conservative party increased their vote percentage by less
    than two points but this allowed them to win 24 more seats than in 2008, when
    they were already over-represented. 

    This is a classic phony
    majority and leaves us with a government that got less than 40% of the vote and
    because of our archaic voting system, ended up with 100% of the power. Now this
    system is sentencing the majority to policies and laws imposed by a minority.
    To top it off, these
    autocrats are filling the senate with their cronies. These are the same people that
    the voters rejected a couple of weeks ago. Disgusting!!

    will eventually reach the conclusion that what we
    really need to do is change the way we elect governments. Our election process
    where the use of a simple majority to elect governments at all levels is undemocratic and results in phony majority governments or unstable minority governments. We still cling to this
    undemocratic election
    process. Until we
    change this, nothing will change significantly in Ottawa