Remember that air passengers' "bill of rights"? -

Remember that air passengers’ “bill of rights”?

Yeah, uh, the airlines wrote it


It was supposed to be a bill of inalienable rights for the passengers, by the passengers. Well so much for that. It turns out the airlines themselves had a primary role in writing the so-called “Flight Rights Canada” document unveiled with fanfare last fall. Over the objections of departmental bureaucrats, Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon’s office happily worked with the carriers themselves to develop the thing. All this is evident in correspondence between the minister’s office and civil servants, which was requested under Access to Information by Canwest News. The government was trying to block its release, according to Canwest, when someone sent the full package of uncensored documents to the news service by mistake. Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe whoever passed it on has the misfortune to travel frequently on Canada’s “award winning” airlines.

Ottawa Citizen

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Remember that air passengers’ “bill of rights”?

  1. I don't see what is wrong with working with the carriers to develop the bill, as long as it delivers the required changes.

    • Come on, man, they don't really have an incentive to develop an aggressive passenger rights bill, do they? They really have nothing tangible to gain from it, only higher costs if they have to start providing refunds for late flights, etc. So, no, they don't want to and won't "deliver the required changes."

      • The carriers were not writing it themselves. They were providing input. Which makes perfect sense to me. You want to hear both sides.

    • It won't. I see it firsthand as an airline captain at a major carrier. Check out my analysis on my site.

  2. Is it something more up to date than this?

    I mean, shame for not consulting the broader public (or maybe they did?), but there's nothing in the above document that I find particularly abhorrent. A little vague, perhaps, but not worth scolding over…

  3. Bills of Rights are only necessary for protection against monopolies. We need one against government because we can't not have a monopoly in the provision of social order. Competition for provision of social order between governments in the same territory would undermine social order.

    Airlines are different than governments. We don't need monopolies. Want better service? End the prohibition on foreign carriers flying between domestic points. Sell the airports and allow for competing airports in the major cities. These two changes will do far more than a bill of rights to be enforced by the same government that owns the airports that, together with the airports, cause severe delays.

    • Yes, just deregulate everything, didn't that work well in the stock market. Ya just let entities like Enron run the electric grid. It'll all work great…for a few…everyone else…not so much.

  4. That is the exact opposite of what he said.