Renault suspends three top managers -

Renault suspends three top managers

Electric car details reportedly leaked to China by company insiders


Carmaker Renault fired three top managers who leaked “strategic, intellectual and technological assets” on Thursday. They gave no more details than that, but insiders told Le Figaro and AFP that details of the electric cars that Renault plans to launch in 2014 were leaked to a Chinese company. France’s Industry Minister Eric Besson said Thursday that the country is the target of an “economic war.”


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Renault suspends three top managers

  1. Few people realize how serious industrial espionage really is. What if the CIA infilitrated the plant where Canada planned to manufacture the F34 (provided it's approved, of course)? It would mean that the US could start making another fighter plane to rival ours before the prototype of the F34 even got off the ground. If potential enemies of Canada got a hold of plans for the prototype from the US, it could be a threat to our national security, not to mention damaging to a Canadian corporation's profitibility and possibly resulting in the loss of Canadian jobs.

    What will likely happen, however, is that the T34 will go unapproved while the US makes another stealth fighter comparible or better than the T34, just like with the Avro Arrow.

    • It's the F-35, not "F34" or "T34", and it won't be built in Canada. Some sub-components 'might' get built by firms located in Canada.

      How this relates at all to the Arrow is mystifying.

      • Is it as mystifying as the references to old Russian tanks were? Then I'd guess thats just par for the course.