Report exposes religious brutality in Somalia -

Report exposes religious brutality in Somalia

Women living in al-Shabaab-controlled areas are routinely beaten


A Human Rights Watch report on the swaths of Somalia under the control of the Islamist militia al-Shabaab describes a life of atavistic brutality and religious extremism. Men have their heads shaved with broken bottles if their hair is too long, and cell phones with “western” musical ring tones are smashed by roving patrols of religious enforcers. Women, however, suffer most. Those who work selling tea in public are whipped. All must where an enveloping burka-like garment, the abaya, which not everyone can afford. One woman who chased her child into the street without it was flogged and then locked in a shipping container. According to another, who was not incarcerated but simply had to live in a community under al-Shabaab’s control: “I felt like I was in a jail.”

Human Rights Watch

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Report exposes religious brutality in Somalia

  1. Sounds cosy, fundamentalism is so fun loving isn't it?

  2. This is just insane!

  3. That is not Islam…Islam forbids harming anyone or anything. This is an example of social influence, not religous.

  4. I agree Ahmed. It is very important for everyone in the West to distinguish between Islamic extremists and Islam in general. What can we do about this? Sending in troops will not work and I don't think humanitarian aid will make much of a difference. It is easy to say that Westerners are lazy and do not care (which may be true in many cases) but it is important to consider what options we have. It does not seem that we have many; if any at all.