Report finds relatively high rate of sex abuse in Canada’s military

Assaults on children, child pornography most common


A report on criminal charges filed against soldiers and civilians associated with the military conducted by the Canadian Forces Provost Marshall reveals a high rate of sexual assaults against children and child pornography. Following Russell Williams’s arrest, Provost Marshall Colonel Timothy Grubb’s office looked into alleged offences in the defence community between 2003 and 2009, under orders from Defence Minister Peter MacKay. The report found that the “DND community,” which includes more than 110,000 soldiers and civilians, found that “sexual offences, particularly those involving children, seem to enjoy a relatively higher rate of reporting than is sometimes found in the rest of Canadian society.” Twenty-one per cent of these offences occurred at training centers. While the findings are significant and concerning, Col. Grubb suggests that it is easier for military police to detect pornography on DND computers, and that there is tougher regime in the military for sexual offences. Victims of sexual abuse in the defence community are also more willing to report complaints to military officials than in the rest of Canadian society.

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Report finds relatively high rate of sex abuse in Canada’s military

  1. 'Reporting of sexual abuse higher in military than society' would have been a more appropriate headline. Your headline is a dishonest smear.

    • Did you have trouble with the word 'relatively'? Because all the words count, you know.

      • You seem to have trouble understanding the headline, re-read it slowly perhaps, or better yet, have an adult explain it to you.

  2. Hard to comment when there is no information on how they collected the data in order to make it relative.

    The 110,000 DND community would have a much higher percentage of males vs 110,000 ordinary civilians. Is it not pretty much common knowledge that sexual abuse/pornography tends to be a "guy thing"?

    Good to see they are being pro-active, just need to improve their reporting skills.

    • That's a much better comment. (Than Philanthropist's)

      • Thank you Jenn, without your informed judgments we'd have no basis with which to asses these comments. Your input has been invaluable.

  3. The higher number could also be caused by having a higher amount of people willing to stand up, as indicated by the increased likelihood of victims coming forward, or any number of things really. I'm not really sure why they tried to give the blurb a negative slant. It's pretty odd.

  4. The CF has a system in place where these types of offender can be easily reported. Child abuse is dealt with effectively both by superiors and peers.

    • What a line of bull. It is not effective. !!!!

  5. But they are bilingual. Thats ALL that matters!

  6. It's about time the military took sexual assault seriously and stop covering up for their counterparts. It doesn't matter how the data was collected. At least their making an effort to start somewhere. I have heard of way to many so called" soldiers" assaulting women and kids . A soldier is supposed to be an honest upstanding role model in the community . Surfing the net for kiddie porn is not acceptable behaviour. I salute Peter Mackay's orders . It's about time.