Report says oil projects would offer little payout to B.C.


A new report from the Canadian Energy Research Institute suggests B.C. has little to gain, while Alberta stands to make more than half a trillion dollars in taxes over 25 years if all three proposed major pipeline projects go through, according to The Globe and Mail.

The CERI, which is funded by the the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Canada’s Department of Natural Resources, and Alberta’s Department of Energy, says Alberta would accrue around $551.6-billion in taxes between 2011 and 2035 from the proposed Northern Gateway, Trans Mountain, and the Keystone XL projects.

The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and Trans Mountain network would run through British Columbia, with oil tankers shipping from its ports, but B.C. would receive just a fraction of what Alberta would get.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has previously complained that her province would get the brunt of the risk of the Gateway pipeline project with little to gain.

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Report says oil projects would offer little payout to B.C.

  1. No pipelines in BC!! There is a lot of opposition to these pipelines, across BC. You cannot eat money. WE will not see the money. We want to see the animals, wildlife, waterways, forests… in pristine condition….

  2. Just cut BC out and run in it through the NWT. They’ve been trying to get their natural gas pipeline going for years. They’d be gung-ho if they could run that parallel to the Northern Gateway.

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