Report says RCMP jail-cell voyeurs showed ‘lack of professionalism’

Officers and civilians at Kamloops detachment watched sexual encounter via video camera


A new report into a 2010 incident at the Kamloops RCMP detachment says that the conduct of four offices and three civilian municipal staff was “unreasonable” and “demonstrated a lack of professionalism and respect.”

The report stems from an incident in August 2010, when two women had a sexual encounter in their cell. RCMP and civilian staff watched them via video camera for seven minutes. The report found that instead of intervening, guards and officers called their colleagues in to watch, laughing and making crude comments.

The report comes from the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP and was released on Wednesday. It came from a complaint from Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver in September 2010, stating that it was concerned that the RCMP was handling the incident with an internal investigation.

The investigation led to a breach of trust charges against watch commander Corporal Rick Brown, Const. Evan Elgee, Const. Stephen Zaharia, and civilian guard David Tompkins.

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Report says RCMP jail-cell voyeurs showed ‘lack of professionalism’

  1. The RCMP have degraded themselves to the level of common thugs. Get rid of the lot of them. I feel for the few honest RCMP officers, but there aren’t enough of them to make keeping the RCMP worthwhile. Even the honest ones appear to be too afraid, or too incompetent to do anything about the corruption amongst their ranks.

  2. The state of the RCMP is disgraceful and their actions are unbecoming of the uniform they wear. Of course with Vic Toews in charge what so you expect? The Harper government put Paulson into clean up the RCMP and one of the first things he does is expropriate RCMP on duty, being paid with the taxpayers’ money, to perform at his personal wedding. What is with Conservatives and spending taxpayers’ monies on themselves???

    Until we elect a responsible government, the RCMP will continue to degrade.

  3. I wish the sun would swallow this vile planet.

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