Reporter Cathy Gulli on Sidney Crosby’s concussion

What scientists are learning by reconstructing hits to the head


Shot and edited by Tom Henheffer
Produced by Claire Ward

Read about Sidney Crosby’s concussion in Hits to the head: Scientists explain Sidney Crosby’s concussion’, in the February 28 issue of Maclean’s

Hit to the head: a similar one to Sidney Crosby’s (reconstruction) (VIDEO)
Reporter Cathy Gulli explains the seriousness of concussions in sports (VIDEO)
The damage done by concussions


Reporter Cathy Gulli on Sidney Crosby’s concussion

  1. My child sustained the most severe brain trauma in 2007 and thanks to alternative energy therapy and cranial therapy (a form of cranial osteopathy) as well as constant applications of homeopathic cream to wounds at the time of hospitalization, has completed university courses and graduated. Three years later, over 90% of brain capacity has returned. There is great hope but people have to look beyond conventional treatment. At the moment, it seems that allopathic medicine has nothing to offer. We are very fortunate to have excellent alternative practitioners who can help a great deal.

    • thank you your story is one of many thousands of people who quietly live their lives with choice

      the cranial sacral people, these people studying and paying out of pocket for courses they travel to and then they are not recognized
      yet make the most subtle and remarkable changes to "tissue stress" that 'modern medicine & machines" are barely keeping up with

      it is their intelligent hands that make the difference: they ought to be honured

      and here we are with the government spending tons of our money banning herbs

      FREE Choice buyer beware

      bailing out banks is happening in canada, the government under Harper is the grossest of dictatorships under the guise of democracy

      boys oh boys when you you learn to listen and protect what truly needs protecting

      a western canadian proud to be off the grid and into alternative health

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