Reports say Pope Benedict is in failing health

‘We won’t have him with us for very much longer,’ Vatican watcher says


Max Rossi/Reuters

Pope Benedict Emeritus XVI is in worse health than he let on after stepping down from the papacy in February, says a report.

Benedict, 85, made history when he stepped down on Feb. 28, becoming the first pope to do so since 1415. He told faithful that he was no longer strong enough in mind or body to carry out his duties as pope.

The Telegraph reports long-time Vatican journalist Paloma Gomez Borerro as saying that the former pope’s health has deteriorated rapidly in the past 15 days. “We won’t have him with us for very much longer,” she told The Telegraph.

However, other Vatican insiders told the paper that Gomez Borerro was being “alarmist,” but did they note that Benedict has become frailer over the past months.

Another insider said that Benedict’s declining health was evident. In his last months as pope, Benedict was having more trouble walking, even with the use of a cane.

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Reports say Pope Benedict is in failing health

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