Republican suggests democrats fudged positive job numbers, Twitter reacts -

Republican suggests democrats fudged positive job numbers, Twitter reacts


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Republican suggests democrats fudged positive job numbers, Twitter reacts

  1. Oh the Repulicans and Fox… anything they don’t like is either a lie or a conspiracy!

    • Jeb Bush had no business letting that hurricane get past Florida either…

      You can clearly see how the chemtrails from Katrina generated by that secret weather machine in Cheney’s basement pushed those airplanes into the WTC with the innocent terrorists kidnapped by Richard Nixon’s alien clone from the Roswell crash while Ronald Reagan planted the thermite explosives in black helicopters during area 51 time travel experiments filming Bed Time for Bonzo with the help of Romney’s father…

      “The Twoof is out there on the X-Files”

  2. You can add Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes magazine, to the list.

    I mean seriously…in this economy, where GDP growth came in at a measly 1.25% and durable goods orders were down 14%…does anyone really believe that the USA suddenly out of nowhere added more jobs in one month than in any month over the last 29 years? When the corporate job increase was in line with expectations at 114K? Just in time for an election?

    We’re supposed to believe no shenanigans from a President who told defense contractor Lockheed Martin to illegally delay layoff notices until after the election?

    Anyone who is paying attention knows the books are cooked. Obama needed sub 8.0% and lo and behold, there it was. The talking heads on CNBC called bullsh!t on it as well.

    • The media is a lying sack of turds.

    • Canada had the same blip — 5X the number of jobs that were forecast. Well I guess this conspiracy theory is not as lame as the birther one…

      • That was my thought as well. Obviously Statistics Canada is also in the tank for Obama and just playing loose with their reputation to provide cover for the Labour office in the states.

  3. This president is a complete disgrace to the American people. What a convenient time for the numbers to all come together. Is it coincidence or pressure from the Chicago thugs?
    It is probably mere coincidence that most of the BLS economists are active Obama supporters.

  4. Canada had the same unexpected blip of positive job numbers (5X what was forecast.) Creative-accounting Republicans are just imagining what they’d do if they were in government…

    • Why the downgrades people? Look, just because Romney doesn’t like to bring facts into a debate doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing to do.

  5. Damn, Looks like another software revision for the MittBot.

  6. And all those Teabagger CEO’s were sure they laid off or offshored enough jobs to keep it well above 8%. Look for heads to roll in the boardrooms of the greedy and and self-centered.