Republicans pledge to make Ground Zero mosque an election issue -

Republicans pledge to make Ground Zero mosque an election issue

GOP claims Obama is thumbing his nose at the American people


Republicans are chomping at the bit over the controversial proposal to build a mosque a few blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks, especially now that Barack Obama has indicated his support for the community center’s construction. Senator John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, says the president’s remarks defending the religious freedom of Muslims at a White House dinner on Friday show that he is “disconnected from the mainstream of America.” Meantime, Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana has come out claiming Obama is “thumbing his nose at the American people.” Representatives of their party are now promising to make the mosque an issue during the upcoming mid-term elections, with experts saying every democratic candidate is now going to have to answer for Obama’s remarks.

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Republicans pledge to make Ground Zero mosque an election issue

  1. Hamas leader and POTUS agree that mosque should be built near Ground Zero! Get the Destroyer-in-Chief (destroyer of US economy, US values, US ethos) out of the White House. Enough is enough…

    • What on earth was President Obama thinking? Did his advisors actually tell him to go “Pro Ground Zero mosque” with 90 days until the midterms when Democrats are about to get sliced up like a Hibachi Steak at Benihana?

      Did someone on his team point to Iran and said, “Don't worry Mr. President, we can win with 32% of the vote, Ahmadinejad did it, so let's go pro Ground Zero mosque today?”

      Read this article which satirizes the whole mess.

      VERY FUNNY stuff.

  2. Americans wake up! Here we have the president, like him or not (I didn't vote for him), fulfilling his oath to defend and uphold the constitution and the sheople of America are led by the nose by a group of opportunistic propagandists to believe he has done something disloyal. Can all Americans be so ignorant? I surely hope not. If anything it should awake you to the fact that these same propagandists will be coming after your rights next if you are so easily hoodwinked. You should be wary of these opportunists who will soon be going after your rights as well. Maybe when you start to lose your right to read what you want to, associate with whom you like and think what you want you will snap out of your trance of television, Xbox and MTV and fight for the principles this country was founded on. Freedom!!

  3. Good Lord. If you don't like the mosque at GZ, buy the property across the street and turn it into a Shrine to the Irgun.

    • Hey Dodo, provide the bucks and I'll do it. The financing of the mosque is secret, what about that?

  4. Republicans showing once again their racism and religious intolerance.

    • I guess, you are NDP voter, heh?

      • Republicans are racist. It is part and parcel of their platform. They pander to worst in people. Fox TV, like Maclean's, is part of this fright wing group of racist liars. Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant are well paid, right wing racist.

    • Islam is not a race (nor religion) – it is an ideoloy.

      • It's one thing to be stupid but why be stupid, a liar and a racist. Isn't that an unholy trinity? What are you? Christian? Christians are the leading killers of all time. Jewish? Why does everybody hate your guts? You hide your race, your religion while making racist, stupid comments about another. You are a coward.

  5. In the same way that Obama is "thumbing his nose at the American people" so too are the GOP thumbing their nose at the American Constitution. These people are perfectly within their rights to construct this centre, whether they should or not is up in air. Obviously there are some sensitivities to consider but this is just in the neighborhood, we are not talking about building on ground zero. Also in the neighborhood: 2 strip clubs and an off-track betting centre, but I guess those are fine when we're comparing them to a community centre built by Muslims (though it will be open to all) aimed at mirroring the YMCA. The horror… (I hope the sarcasm came across in print)

  6. America at its ugliest. Are they really going to hang their President for upholding their very own constitution?

    It seems the GOP has now opted to be more open with their bigotry.

    • Are they really going to hang their President

      Seriously though, these are the people for whom having Husein as a middle name is an indictable offence.

    • It also seems that he Left is getting ever more lazy about jumping to the "bigotry" smear rather than addressing the issue.

      • You are a racist. Conservatives are racist. Right wingers are racist. There is no other issue. The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN and the greatest man who ever lived has spoken. Now shut up.

        • "Shut up", he explained.

          The Left: always good for a chuckle.

  7. in America, irrational emotionalism trumps even the Constitution. But, this one is really great because it exposes the Republicans for the anti-American Constitutionalists they really are. Keep talking Republicans!!!! The rope you are weaving will get you in the end.

    • There are no articulate conservative spokesperson because you cannot defend the indefensible. They actually defend the right to the aristocracy not to pay tax. while claiming that the dispossessed have all the rights. Conservatives need wedge non-issues to distract the electorate and solicit votes from people who otherwise would be crazy to vote against their own interests. If the electorate voted their interests conservatives couldn't get elected dog catcher.

  8. Is this the "hallowed ground" they speak about ?

    "Opponents of a proposed lower Manhattan mosque and community center speak in hushed tones about the sanctity of the "shadow of Ground Zero."

    Tell that to the patrons of the Pussycat Lounge, a strip club where a photo of a nearly naked woman marks its location just two blocks from where the World Trade Center stood.

    Or the Thunder Lingerie and peep show next door, where the marquee sports an American flag above a window display of sex toys and something called a "power pump."

    In a walk of the streets within three blocks of Ground Zero, the Daily News counted 17 pizza shops, 18 bank branches, 11 bars, 10 shoe stores and 17 separate salons where a girl can get her lady parts groomed.

    • I'm pretty sure strippers and pervs didn't fly aircraft into the WTC. Islamic fanatics did.

      • and that is there is the truth!!

      • And a U.S. army trained white Christian blew up a daycare and the high rise containing it. Four thousand Catholic priests have gone to prison in North America for raping our children repeatedly for centuries. White people executed Jesus Christ. White Christians gassed 5.6 million Jews. White Christians exterminated tens of millions of Red Men while enslaving Black Men for five hundred years. White Christians dropped two atomic bombs less than 72 hours apart. White wars are called World Wars (The Seven Years War was a white world war in the 1700's. White Christians burned witches at the stake. They all confessed. White Christians killed three million Vietnamese. White Christians are the leading cause of death for two thousand years while comprising seven per cent of the world's population. Almost all the pollution in five million years of human evolution has been caused by white Christians. White Christians have attacked every single nation in the Western hemisphere for hundreds of years. White Christians have invented, deployed and used every weapon of mass destruction. What was your racist point anyway?

  9. How come no one objects to the PENTAGON MOSQUE?

    Muslims have been praying inside the Pentagon since September 11 but right-wingers have been strangely silent.

    From the Washington Times Wednesday, October 3, 2007

    "Navy imam Chaplain Abuhena M. Saifulislam lifted his voice to God as he called to prayer more than 100 Department of Defense employees Monday at a celebration of Ramadan at the Pentagon.

    God is most great, sang the lieutenant commander and Islamic leader, in Arabic, as iftar — the end of the daily fast began.

    Uniformed military personnel, civilians and family members faced Mecca and knelt on adorned prayer rugs chanting their prayers in quiet invocation to Allah."

    • keep your friends close. keep your enemies closer.

      • Just when a beacon of light shines through, an ignorant, uneducated philistine racist throws a stinkbomb in. I believe the Navy imam wasn't keeping his Pentagon enemies closer. Why would a minister rot in the belly of the worst killing machine ever created? Unless you meant that the Pentagon was keeping an eye on a single man. Where do you racist pick up this stuff? That is so stupid. Keep an eye on Catholic priests. They're the terrorists raping our children repeatedly. Oh yea. and our God's biggerr than your God.

  10. Terrorists win when Republicans oppose the defending of the American Constitution.

    • No thumb up or down. The Republicans are the terrorists. And Israel is the only terrorist state. They shoot unarmed children in the head for throwing rocks. The survivors of the Holocaust completed the cycle by becoming the oppressors.

  11. This is great news for Obama and the Democrats.

    • Centrist parties don't need racist non-issues; conservatives do.

  12. Does any politician seriously think that allowing the Muslims to build this Victory Mosque will pacify them or prevent further attacks? In fact, it will only encourage them, in the same way that allowing the Nazis to occupy the Rhineland led to their occupation of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and then the whole of Europe.

    The politicians should read the links under 'Appeasement' at EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAM

    • Finally a person with brain in his/her scull.

    • Likening 1.2 billion non-terrorist Muslims to Nazis is idiocy.

  13. This isn't about the Constitution or the first ten amendments.Muslims haven't been denied their rights in the US.Actually they have been coddled like infants despite their actions
    Any decent set of human beings would change the location out of sensitivity to the grief caused this nation. That the opposite is being insisted upon is seen for what it is-and it is vile.__

    We do realize, don't we, that according to the muslim "religion," building a mosque on the site of what muslims consider a "great victory" is standard procedure? They believe they defeated the "great Satan" on his own soil.

    This mosque has NOTHING to do with worship in the way that most of us define worship. It has everything to do with "victory."

  14. The Islamic proponents of this project have stated that the purpose is to promote reconciliation and healing. During the week, Gov. Paterson called their bluff. Out of respect for New Yorkers' sensitivities, he proposed setting aside state land in downtown Manhattan away from Ground Zero for the Islamic center if they agreed to relocate. They refused. Reconciliation and healing are all a sham, and the mosque will only serve to remind the public that the atrocities of 9/11 were not perpetrated by Eskimos.

  15. In the ongoing battle between the evil party and the stupid party in the US, the stupid party once again proves its credentials.

  16. all this BS about politicians and constitution aside, the mullahs are thumbing their collective noses at the Americans and the Free World right now and laughing their asses off at us. they will gain a decisive ideological victory over the America if this mosque gets built. They will show the world that even after what was done to them the Americans, with all their muscle-flexing in the middle east are still patsys at home. This will boost the "morale" of the killers back home and make the whole war that much harder. Europe will also suffer. They will say they blew up 2 symbols of American capitalism, killed thousands of people and yet they can build a mosque at that very spot and pray for more American deaths and the Americans can't stop them!!
    I can be called bigoted, racist (!??!…i am the same race as them), hater, islamophobe or whatever else comes to mind, but the truth is the truth and no amount of name calling, blinders, ignorance, stupidity, politics, political correctness or anything else can obfuscate the TRUTH.
    If this mosque is built, the last remaining shreds of sanity in this world will be lost.

    • A racist poster nameA racist poster name for a dolt. Why are racists so stupid? These posts are bordering on criminal hate literature. Didn't MacLeans learn its lesson from their resident racist Mark Steyn. You st. "in his/her scull" One brain split between two "scull(s)"? Why can't racists spell? I mean, it is so embarrassing to go to all the trouble (and danger!) of scribbling "niger" on the wall when cruising public washrooms. I'd take conservatives more seriously if they weren't caught so often with their pants down around their ankles in public washrooms. The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA says that if a neighbourhood is good enough for two strip bars and 17 salons for grooming pubic hair, it's good enough for Muslims to continue to stay there after two decades. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN IS SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION not placate inbred racists or appease anyone. America can kill every man,, woman, and child on Earth many times over and has succeeded in killing tens and tens of millions. So if anyone wants to hurt America they'd better bring a weapon better than a box cutter.

    • I'm an affecting a citizen's arrest for a breach of the hate literature section of the Criminal Code of Canada. Maclean's magazine has once again committed race libel. I will contact the provincial attorney-general and file a formal complaint for criminal prosecution. Hate laws were enacted to protect Canadians from this lying filth. I have also informed the Sun that they are also under civilian arrest. They can mitigate their culpability by ceasing and desisting from race libel designed to foment hatred against unarmed, innocent law-abiding citizens. There is no place in any country for this crap. I will not tolerate major publications censoring four letter words while making outrageous claims against a substantial part of the world's population. When did the right wing white Christians hook up with the Jewish dominated media to wage war against Muslims? I preferred it when the right wing hated the Jews.

  17. I propose establishing a grand fair grounds dedicated to the display of Islam in action so that people could get a really good idea of what Islam is all about, the better to be able to make an informed decision as to whether to adopt that way of life. The displays could include but not be limited to the following. Stoning. Beheading. Amputations. Hanging apostates. Burning Bibles. Lashing women. Killing Jewish persons. Killing Christians. Controlling women. Suicide bombing. Donations to charities. Lessons on flying aircraft. Lessons on chemical warfare. Deception. Toleration of lesser beliefs. The fair ground could be established in New York near the so-called ground zero. What do you think? Is that a good idea? Or a bad one?

    • and we can call it "SAW – The New Story" as in "I came, I SAW, I puked".

    • Of course White Christians would have to be brought in as experts. White Christians killed almost all the Jews. White Christian don't suicide bomb. They obliterate entire cities with one bomb and live. White Christians can bomb Dresden for days on end without military purpose. White Christians burned every bible in the Soviet Union. Lessons on chemical warfare. White Christians invented all weapons of mass destruction. White Christians have used every weapon they developed on non-white people. White Christians hold the patents so there could be copy right lawsuits. Even Saddam Hussein, a secular ally of Amerika, had to get his weapons from Rumsfeld and Reagan. But it was Churchill who first gassed the Kurds. Canada gassed the Soviet Union when we invaded in 1918 (again with Churchill). When it comes to killing Whitey is Number One. We even nailed God to a tree. Whitey holds a patent on MASS MURDER and GENOCIDE. We are the only ones who have done it or would do it. We kill for God.

      • So, you like my idea of a grand fair for Islam near Ground Zero.

  18. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA says that if a neighborhood is good enough for two strip bars and 17 lounges catering to grooming pubic hair, it's good enough for Muslims to continue practicing peace after two decades. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION not placate inbred racists nor appease anyone.

  19. I'm going to ensure that Mcleans suffers financially for its Jewish/Christian war on Muslims. Hopefully, Ezra Levant/Mark Steyn style yellow journalism generates more criminal laws to properly prosecute and imprison professional racists. You are all under arrest. Behave yourselves while CSIS contacts the Internet Providers so the criminal posters can be identified.

    • Wow. Have I mentioned that these boards are really deteriorating lately?


  21. First let me say I am not aligned with any organized religion…but never assume that I am not a person of faith. I am not a liberal but never assume I am a conservative (or NDP). I am merely someone who tries to beat my way through the overwhelming amount of material there is on EVERY news topic these days. I try to get both sides. On this topic there are a few items that need to be considered separately. First of all, let me say I don't care for Obama (his politics…didn't like McCain either tho) , however on this one I think he has to take the stand that they have the right to build a mosque in any location it is zoned for. Obama the man may or may not morally agree with it but on this topic he has to speak as the constitution. It doesn't say anywhere that you can''t be insensitive in the constitution. It does however, address the issue of religious intolerance.
    This brings us to issue number 2. Should they do it. The Koran speaks of acts of FITMA" (looks real funny typed small…lol). Fitma are basically mischief committed it will antagonize others. The fact that so many people believe the proposition was made in bad faith, knowing it was upset other "peoples of the faith" makes it an act of fitma. Even if they completely unwittingly began this process with the best of intentions they certainly know now that they are bringing great pain to many people. There are many places they could put this community center and bother no one. There is the only place that would cause this level of pain and friction and harsh words. To insist at this point on pushing it becomes a clear act of "FITMA". Do they have the right to do it…absoutely. Should they…not according to the Qu'ran… For most of us this is very much a political issue. For those who lost their loved ones it is a truly personal issue. The Qu'ran would dictate that consideration for those injured must take precedence, lest you be guilty of FITMA.. Perhaps a gracious act of compassion and respect for their fellow Americans would go a long way to bridging the gap between the faiths lest they both fall prey to the extremists in their midsts.