Republicans recapture House in 2010 midterms -

Republicans recapture House in 2010 midterms

GOP fails to recapture Senate, but makes significant gains


Republicans took control of the House of Representatives and made gains in the Senate in yesterday’s mid-term elections in the U.S. The loss of Congress is a major blow to President Barack Obama, as voters demonstrated dissatisfaction about the economy and his government’s legislative agenda. In all, the Republican increased their seat total in the House by 60 seats, six more than the GOP grabbed in its 1994 landslide. Republicans also gained six Senate seats, a significant number, but still short of the 10 required to take control of the Upper Chamber.

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Republicans recapture House in 2010 midterms

  1. This is the largest swing to the right for DECADES.
    A stern repudiation of Obama's march to Socialism/Marxism if there ever was one.

    What's the media's opinion? The electorate was just mad at incumbents.
    They were half right. They should have said DEMOCRAT incumbents.
    First many European countries vote in conservative governments, then Toronto, now the United States. The 2/3s of voters who actually support everything, have taken control again. The socialists will be scurrying like someone turned on a light.
    About time!

  2. Poor Obama. In his preacher speaking way he told Americans that there would be sunshine and lollipops everyday if they elected him President. They fell for it and guess what? They have seen the Emperor has no clothes. He has spent trillions with little improvement in the economy. He passed what is going to be a wildly expensive healthcare plan that will virtually destroy the health insurance companies in the States and many employers will drop their healthcare plans as they become too expensive.
    Obama had control of the both Houses of Congress and he could have passed anything he wanted but his own party stopped him on cap and trade, healthcare (he had to drop the public option), no immigration reform and never passed a budget this year.
    I don't feel sorry for him at all. He is a great speaker but he has little experience in the real world and he is a left wing ideologue whose actions continue to threaten the U.S. economically.
    You cannot pull the country left when the majority of Americans are centre or right leaning no matter what you think as president. There are things called elections and last nite the people spoke.
    Unless he changes as Bill Clinton did in 1994 he will turn into a one term president.

  3. When he was first elected I believed what he had said on the campaign trail. However, as I watched him I saw that there was little substance. Spending trillions with little results does not bode well for any politician. As well he seems to have surrounded himself with people from the extreme left. That is not where the country is.
    By the way I am a Conservative as well.

    • Spending trillions with no result?

      Wow you really have no idea what you're talking about do you? The results might not be to your liking but that doesn't mean they're not there.

  4. So in a riveting, important and MONUMENTAL election, the party of big money triumphed over the party of big money. The Tea Party, representing big money, put their name (symbolically) on the electoral map and showed that big money is a force to be reckoned with.

    All in all, it was a great night for big money.

  5. Dear Canadians – Can you please invade Arizona and make us a Canadian colony?

    Our central government sues us because we want illegal aliens to go home or to California. They sue us because we want only citizens of Arizona to vote in Arizona. Really, they take us to court because we don't love their leader as much as they think we should love him. So, the president says he wants to punish us. Please let us be a colony of Canada.

    You can liberate Arizona and get a hockey team for free. See the FAQ regarding colonization at . Thank you in advance for attacking us.

    • Ummm…. well…. we would really like to… it would be a neighbourly thing to do and all…. but… we're not really into the whole 'invading' thing and all…. Arizona is a beautiful state mind you, and Sherriff Arpiao would look sharp in the new duds and all… but….

      • Not to worry. We will "pre-surrender". And, we'll call it colonial tourism instead of invasion if you like. But you must act quickly. The golf courses re-seeded about three weeks ago and are re-opening for the winter in prime condition (seriously good). You can set up government in the course clubhouse bars and you don't have to rule us in the mornings. Please, please act soon.

  6. There was an election in the US?