Republicans to paint Massachussetts red? -

Republicans to paint Massachussetts red?

With heath care reform on the line, the GOP could add Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat


In the eleventh hour of the Massachusetts senate race, polls are forecasting the unthinkable: Ted Kennedy’s seat could very well be filled by a Republican. According to Public Policy Polling, one day before the vote, Republican candidate Scott Brown leads Democratic hopeful Martha Coakley by a margin of 51 to 46. A Republican win would be a significant upset. On top of the fact that Kennedy, a lifelong Democrat, was elected by voters in Massachusetts nine times, a Brown victory would spell trouble for health care reform. The Massachusetts seat is crucial to both sides: it’s either the 60th vote the Democrats need to pass the bill, or the single vote the Republicans need to stop it.

Public Policy Polling

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Republicans to paint Massachussetts red?

  1. There is something very wrong with the American Left to let it get to this point. There seems to be absolutely no coherence among the Democrats, the senate might as well be filled with independents. The Republicans never needed the kind of numbers that the Democrats do to get anything at all done.

  2. the news said the republican won …however they may try to squeeze the vote in before he is sworn in.. it's interesting how the american system prefers gridlock canada if you get a majority it's an elected dictatorship by a smal group of people …the minority government is not much better

  3. Brown's victory is a sign, unfortunately, that the GOP re-branding effort might actually work:


  4. Brown won because he wasn't a Democrat, not because he was a Republican. Obama has singlehandedly ruined the Democratic Party in one year.

    I think they are both equally corrupt, FWIW.