Required Oath to Queen for new Canadians constitutional, court rules


TORONTO – Forcing would-be Canadians to take an oath to the Queen as a condition of citizenship has been ruled constitutional.

An Ontario Superior Court justice has dismissed an application by three permanent residents, who argued the requirement violated their rights.

The judge found that making citizen applicants take the oath does infringe on their right to free speech.

However, he also ruled the provision could be justified as a reasonable limit in a free and democratic society.

The three applicants in the case oppose the oath on religious or conscientious grounds, saying pledging allegiance to Canada should be enough.

For its part, the federal government argued the oath to the Queen has been around since Confederation and the applicants are in Canada voluntarily.


Required Oath to Queen for new Canadians constitutional, court rules

  1. Pity. Much more meaningful to swear/affirm allegiance to Canada than to a foreign figurehead.

  2. If it bothers you to live in a Parliamentary Monarchy there is a republican alternative right next door.

    • It bothers me to live in a Parliamentary Monarchy. Does this mean I should exile myself instead of making this place better and work to abolish this archaic mode of government ?

      • Exactly. The “love it or leave it” attitude is an example of the classic either-or fallacy. It’s used by those who have little in the way of a real argument to put forward.

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