Research group urges Ottawa to scrap telecom restrictions

Lifting limits on foreign investment would bring money, skills to industry


Canada should scrap all restrictions on foreign companies entering the telecom market to encourage competition and maximize gain for consumers, an influential research group said on Monday. In a new report, the SeaBoard Group called for the federal government to lift limitations on foreign investment in the sector, a move which, it said, would inject fresh capital and know-how into the industry. The report comes as Industry Canada is considering possible amendments to current telecom laws dating back to 1993.

The Globe and Mail

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Research group urges Ottawa to scrap telecom restrictions

  1. Excellent idea. Mobile plans are still relatively too high compared to other countries.

  2. A welcome change, we have been way behind even compared to third world countries and paying way too much.

  3. all the current mobile service providers are sucking us dry with their absurdly high charges.

    I think its great idea that foreign comanies should be allowed to enter, so that we don't have to kill the bank to keep a cellphone

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