Retailers slash prices on RIM’s Playbook

New operating system due soon for disappointing tablet


With a new operating system on the way and sales still stagnant, some Canadian retailers are trimming prices on Research In Motion’s Playbook tablet. Best Buy, Staples and Future Shop have all sliced $100 off the price of all models of the product, which was was launched in April to disappointing sales. Research In Motion is expected to offer an upgraded operating system for the tablet in October.

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Retailers slash prices on RIM’s Playbook

  1. What a stupid idea, selling a tablet with an OS that’s only good for business and productivity applications to people who just want to play games and do web surfing.

    Either put Android on the playbook, or lower the price another $100 or $200 so it doesn’t matter anymore that the OS has no games. If they gave the things away then enough people would buy them, and then their OS would get some love from the game makers.

  2. Yeah, web surfing. Ha!  Who wants to surf that stupid web anyway?
    Clearly what RIM needs first and foremost is a wider selection of fart apps.

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