Retired enforcers consider legal action against Don Cherry

‘Hockey Night in Canada’ host calls former fighters “turncoats,” “hypocrites,” and “pukes”


Three former NHL tough guys are “considering further recourse” against Don Cherry over the comments the Coach’s Corner host made on Hockey Night in Canada last Thursday. The bombastic television host called Stu Grimson, Chris Nilan and Jim Thomson “turncoats,” “hypocrites,” and “pukes” for their stances on fighting in hockey. In a statement released by Grimson’s legal firm, the former NHLer characterized Cherry’s outburst as “baseless and slanderous.” The CBC has distanced itself from Cherry’s on-air comments, saying that “While we support his right to voice that opinion, we do not share his position.” Cherry, meanwhile, said during Saturday’s segment that he had no regrets about the segment, except “the puke stuff and kids listening.”

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Retired enforcers consider legal action against Don Cherry

  1. If anyone knows about “puke”, surely Cherry’s the one. Many of his jackets look like they’ve been decorated with it.

  2. Funny how a Canadian icon, known and revered for speaking his own mind and doing so in easy to understand plain English, is now being caught up in the ridiculous liberal “spare the rod” attitude that is killing North America.  Political correctness and the rest are finally showing their true colours but as we are creating generations of lemmings there are few willing to speak up or out and have their voice heard.  What happened to all the great thinkers?

    • Cherry is a “great thinker”………Sure he is……….and I am a nuclear psysicist.

    • “…known and revered for speaking his own mind”.

      Don’t you mean known and revered in his own mind?

    • Since when do we revere a verbal bully?  These former NHL players have every right to give THEIR OPINION on fighting in hockey.  Don Cherry has every right to give HIS OPINION on fighting in hockey.  He can say he disagrees with their opinion but to call them nasty names and make accusations toward them that will hurt their reputations…..no, he does not have that right. 

  3. Cherry needs to retire … but how vwil McLean make a living?

  4. The only hypocrites on this file are the ones trying to suppress free speech. Keep on speaking your mind Don. Lefties and pinkos can’t shut you down. 

    • The defense against slander is “the truth”.  No one is trying to “supress” Don Cherry’s right to free speech but he does not have the right to supress the free speech of others either by
      publically calling the people nasty names and questioning their integrity….unless he is accurate in his accusations and he can prove the truth of what he is saying.  My guess is he cannot.

    • Don Cherry can say whatever he wants, within the legal limits of statutes on slander and defamation.  That does not mean that the CBC needs to continue giving him a platform.  We can also judge Cherry’s character by what he says, and by the fact that he made a ton of money exploiting the violent side of the game.  Did all of the fighters in his Rock’em Sock’em videos get royalties, I wonder?  Would it be incorrect to call him a cowardly leech if they didn’t?

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