Rex Murphy has words for Mike (Where Does He Live) Duffy -

Rex Murphy has words for Mike (Where Does He Live) Duffy


CBC columnist Rex Murphy had much to say about Senator Mike Duffy on the National Thursday night. Here’s just a sampling. Viewing notes: Watch Murphy’s hands around the 3:17 mark when he talks about boiling oil.

“Senator Mike Duffy is fleeing press curiosity by hiding out in the kitchens of some of the region’s better restaurants — a not unlikely refuge for the senator, when you think of it — pastry on demand, stacks of crème brûlée … you know, that sort of thing.

“… Wasn’t it Truman who declared, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?’ Mike (Where Does He Live?) Duffy has caught a hold of the wrong end of the frying pan on that one. He’s hiding out in a kitchen, which raises the question: Can a person on a small island be a good senator for that island if he has to leave hotels via the backstairs kitchens under covering fire from veteran Tory sous vide chefs?

“Well, since crawling into the Senate from one of the top rungs on the ladder journalism gave him to get there, Mr. Duffy wants the self-appointed pride of the fourth estate. Remember his unfair and merciless of the Stephané Dion interview stumbles? Mr. Duffy has kicked the ladder back down with a vengeance and threatened boiling oil on those who question his ascent.

” … Is PEI’s splendid representative in the chamber of second chances and lifetime freebies possibly, legally, a resident of cold Ontario? It’s like a mad version of Where’s Waldo: Where does the senator live? Or a math test: If Anne has seven gables, how many has Mike? Dear Lucy Maud would not be amused: A senator cowering in the kitchen, shunning his old friends for a pile of red cushions and a dubious fame. Would she put Senator Duffy in her novels? I doubt it. The real Anne would chase him out.”

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Rex Murphy has words for Mike (Where Does He Live) Duffy

  1. @NadineLumley

    .@pmHarper and @theBrazman… you are now pronounced.. you are now clowns together .. forever…

  2. When you’re a liability to Stephen Harper,
    there is no loyalty or help from him. You are ^NOT innocent until
    proven guilty. Nonetheless I am tickled pink…

    If he did anything to help his colleagues Thursday, Brazeau temporarily
    took the heat off two other senators facing allegations of the same
    housing scam, Liberal Mac Harb and Conservative Mike Duffy, another
    proud member of lottery day, 2008, last seen schlepping through the
    kitchen of a Halifax hotel, a former journalist fleeing reporters.

  3. reports from Bharat Punjabi:
    The way Dion was treated was absolutely appalling. I think Canada would
    have been a much better place with him as PM. He was decent and humane in
    outlook. I recall Manley as someone who subverted Dion from within the Liberal
    Party during the crisis of 2008.

    In a column published today in the Ottawa Citizen,
    journalism professor Andrew Cohen reminded his readers of the sleazy depths to
    which some media are prepared to stoop to promote their political causes and
    the depths to which some politicians may be prepared to stoop to pay them off.

    His subject was the sorry hatchet job CTV and Senator Mike
    Duffy did on then Liberal leader Stephane Dion on October 9, 2008 just 5 days
    before the last federal election. The
    issue arose as a result of a twelve minute taped television interview of Dion
    by CTV Atlantic reporter Steve Murphy.

  4. As to Senator Duffy, the Council found his report to be unfair and unbalanced. Duffy, the Council held, had breached the code of ethics.

    Michael Dennis Duffy was sworn in as a member of the Senate of Canada on December 22, 2008, two months and 8 days following the Harper victory and two months and 13 days following his breach of the broadcast code of ethics when he stuck the dagger between Dion’s shoulder blades. His patron was his pal Stephen Harper.

    For more on this great Canadian, read:

    • As I believe Macleans said at the time, Duffy is a ‘despicable human being’.

      He can have the perks of the Senate, but he is owed no respect. He has not earned it.

  5. The Duffster was also the sole of tact with Ms Trudeau as i remember…on the very anniversary of her boy’s death…”how do you feel today Margaret?”…What an a’hole

    • That was the anniversary of Michel’s death, but it was at PET’s funeral; he reminded her it was also her son’s death anniversary, and the poor woman dropped to her knees. He’s been a POS for a very long time. Now he’s an entitled POS.

  6. Now let’s look at Pamela Wallin, who yesterday wrote to reporter James Cudmore to respond to his questions about HER residency in Wadena SK to state she owns property in SK and it’s her “home.” Let me answer the rest of the questions for her: she hasn’t lived in SK for 40 years; of course she doesn’t hold a drivers licence or health card from SK, and she’s another puffy; entitled conservative appointed jerk.

  7. Hate to be rude, but have another donut on the Canadian tax payer, your probably in Mexico drinking margaritas and living it up. What a hypocritical fool, he criticizes people before him in that same position from his reformist perch. And what does he do? exactly what he use to be against; he never shows up for work or faces the press. More good judgments on Harpo’s part.

  8. ” pastry on demand, stacks of crème brûlée … you know, that sort of thing.”

    And probably pork as well, pork double dipped in sauce.

  9. Ok all you sanctimonious anti-Harper lefties, can any of you name those Liberal stallworths who have adorned the Red Chamber. I’m sure some Trudeau appointees are still at the trough, but you upright supporters of the Liberal party can’t seem to come up with one of their names, but you can sure pile on Harper’s appointees.

  10. Recall the Mercer rant..lowest of the low .On the Hill.””Jack is not looking so good these days.”