Rich men are better in bed

New research suggests that women have more orgasms with wealthy men


Are women hard-wired to be gold diggers? New research suggests they could be: according to the London Times, women have better sex with wealthy men. “Women’s orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner,” said Newcastle University psychologist Thomas Pollet, who points to an  “evolutionary adaptation” that pushes women to choose men based on the perceived quality of their genes. Pollet’s research team tested the hypothesis using one of the world’s biggest lifestyle studies—the Chinese Health and Family Life Survey, which compiled information from 5,000 Chinese people (including 1,534 women with male partners) about their personal lives. While several factors were linked to female orgasm, they said, the man’s income was one of the main ones.
The Sunday Times

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Rich men are better in bed

  1. Hmmmm well being rich must take off a lot of pressure when it comes to making women happy? maybe this extends to the boudoir!

  2. No Wayne, I think perceived fitness makes more sense.

  3. If the study group of Chinese were all in China it could skew the results. China has a wealth disparity not seen in the first world, and has less of a social safety net, which would harm women seeking financial stability. In Canada a wealthy spouse can certainly make life easier, in China it could mean you and your family get running water. So even if this phenomenon does exist, it would be less pronounced in countries like Canada.

  4. Funny, over the years I was always amazed at how many hard working women seemed to get hooked up with deadbeat men. From the girl slinging coffee at Tim’s, who’s man drops her off in the parking lot and he goes back home to bed to a female doctor I know who hooked up with the most useless dingbat I ever met. Granted I have not had the good fortune to run in the same circles of the super rich(don’t I wish…lol) but apart from that, the opposite seems to be the case quite often.

  5. Try the A spot orgasm. The A spot is 3-4 inches on the front wall of the vagina. First you “train it” to orgasm with your middle finger, then you have sex. Then it won’t matter how rich you are.

    Harry Mete