Richard Dawkins compares burqa to garbage bag -

Richard Dawkins compares burqa to garbage bag

British atheist was speaking about faith-based schools


The world’s most famous atheist and author of The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins, compared the Islamic burqa to a “full bin-liner thing” in an interview with magazine Radio Times magazine. He was discussing his distaste for faith-based schools. In a later interview with the Daily Mail, Dawkins stood by his comment, saying, “I do feel visceral revulsion at the burqa because for me it is a symbol of the oppression of women.” Some Muslims condemned the remark as ignorant and Islamophobic. “It’s a woman’s choice is she wishes to wear a burqa, a niqab or not,” said Seyyed Ferjani of The Muslim Association of Britain.

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Richard Dawkins compares burqa to garbage bag

  1. Woman don't have that choice, but rather are forced to wear it either out of duty to their fathers or husbands, or due to social pressure. I'm tired of hearing these lies from Muslims.

  2. Oppression of women is okay if Muslim men do it, feminists don't have a problem with that, but to call it a woman's choice is disingenuous – their choice is either to be beaten for not wearing the burqa, or wear the burqa. Their owners wouldn't have it any other way.

    • Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks about this extensively in her latest book, "Nomad." She's essentially pinned it down to feminism being a Western (read: white) woman's social quest that, having done everything necessary for white women in the West, ignores the plight of non-Western women. How else can you explain the utter silence from feminists on the issue of Islam? Germaine Greer herself essentially said it's a cultural thing, and not to worry about it. Multiculturalism trumps feminism, as Steyn always likes to say, and anthropological rose coloured glasses are the fashion du jour.

      • Women in western countries have every right to wear what they please, although some are certainly subject to family or community pressure. I'm sure women (heck, people) would like to see this right extended to other countries, such as the middle east, as well. If you've got any whizz-bang ideas on how to do that then by all means tell us.

        Actually, maybe you should just keep quiet.

        • You want a woman to keep quiet, try a mosque in Mecca where a woman's voice is NEVER to be heard aloud. Otherwise, you can shut up and take it on the chin, Mikey boy. Also, try to stay on topic — how women dress in Western countries is absolutely not the topic du jour and your "opinion," while free to give out in the commerce of ideas, is merely that and pales in comparison to the factual basis of what I wrote. Carry on.

  3. Richard Dawkins: continuing to win friends and influence people.

  4. Fanatic atheists like Richard Dawkins get my goat. He has chosen to believe that 'there is no God', but unwilling to accept others chose to believe otherwise. It's exactly the same as fundamentalist Muslims or Christians that persecute others for not adhering to their chosen faith.

    While fanatic atheists have have less historic evil assoicated with their decisions, I see little difference between the IRA, Al Quida, and the unibomber.

    Put it this way: are you likely to change the Pope's hat by calling it a garbage pail or a beehive? No, but you will offend many people and possible encourage more people to support an embattled cause that they don't really support on moral equality grounds.

    • Why do fanatic atheists have less historic evil associated with their decisions? Officially atheist regimes killed quite a few people, and a substantial number of those people killed were killed for religious reasons.

    • The whole “fanatic atheist” thing is baseless and seems to have originated from U.S conservative T.V and radio. It is a classic tactic the American right wing are using of late to discredit someone by name calling to make them seem extreme. (Obama the communist anyone?) Dawkins said he doesn't like the look of the Burqa, thinks it is oppressive to Woman BUT wouldn't ban it. That makes him more moderate than populations and parliaments around Europe at the moment. Dawkins is not wanting to persecute anyone for their beliefs but rather wants to put forward the case of atheism. So many people are fed religion from a young age and never given the more rational and natural explanation for life, morality and science. It is important to have people flying the flag for atheism. I would love to know what makes him a fanatic. He has never wanted religion to be outlawed, churches to be burnt down or violence towards religious people. He simply makes arguments to support his case and gives his views on issues.

      • Excellent post.

    • I'm sorry how can you be a fundamental athiest. To be a fundamentalist you have to driven by an ideology, the rejection of ideologies i.e athiesm cannot be a fundamental approach it is a rational and logical one. You clearly are delusional or ignorant to what fundamentalism is!

  5. I feel the same revulsion when I see the niqab in public, and I see it a lot. Shoppers needs to hook me up with a lifetime supply of Gravol.

  6. Oppression of Muslim women has gotten much stronger over the past 30 to 40 years, the Muslim Brotherhood has forced millions of them into these Burqas and locked them inside their houses etc.

    Muslim women may hold the key to saving Islam from itself due to this oppression. Hirsi Ali is one woman, hopefully more Muslim women wake up and realize that all their kids will be controlled by political Islamists – and that results in never-ending violence.

  7. the unfortunate reality is the sincere belief in anything man made dogma designated as gods word, brainwashing and the like can become…to a point of zealot sacrifice of self in the name of something or another….that is truly sad what makes it sadder is the oppression they have of those who borne their next generation…gawd! has man ever taken normalcy to the next height to control others….how come a common ordinary old phiarrttt like myself realizes this and others do not? do people walk around in denial or blinders or both? gawd

  8. Eventually Islam will conquer the West and all of you fools will become silent before the awe of Allah or you will perish under the swords of the new Caliphate.

    • Well I suppose since the last Caliphate became defunct in 1924, and it is now 2010 there is not much to worry about in my lifetime, or my childrens lifetime, Heck it has been eighty-six years and you still can't get your act together ? Besides Abdullah …this is the West…No one has, and no one will, ever, ever, take our Freedoms and beliefs away from us ''Ever!!''

      • Except a growing group atheists who despise your right to disagree with them.

      • Beware of the new militant theist, especially the ones who don't understand it's complexities.

        They will fight any right you think you have to express your differing views.

        • Then bring it on !!

    • Is that you Mr. Steyn?

    • Eventually Pastafarianism will conquer the World and all of you fools will become silent before the awe of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or you will perish under the Bowls of the new Sauce. I refer you to the holy book of Lasagne chapter 27 verse 14.

  9. I totally agree, it is not even supported by the Quran. And even if it was doesn’t mean it should be respected. In the Quran is also written to cut the hands of the thieves. In the bible is written that women were made for men, and men were not made for women. Don’t hear Christians wanting to enforce this. I call for enlightenment for Muslims, it changed my perception because of the philosophy of age of reason. Enlightenment is the way to go not Sharia. All Islamic clothing are part of fundamental Islam.