Richard Stursberg leaves CBC -

Richard Stursberg leaves CBC

No reason given for departure of head of English language services


The head of CBC’s English language services, Richard Stursberg, is leaving the Mother Corp. after six years on the job. Stursberg’s departure is effective Friday. In a statement to employees, CBC president Hubert Lacroix praised Stursberg’s no-holds-barred approach to changing the broadcaster. “”He challenged every premise, attacked conventional wisdom, and uprooted whole parts of the internal culture,” Lacroix said. “Six years later, the institution is better off than it was. I want to acknowledge his success in turning CBC Television around and thank him for his contribution.”

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Richard Stursberg leaves CBC

  1. If Stursberg was responsible for assigning the Power and Politics desk to Evan Solomon, then it's a wonder he wasn't 'resigned' long ago. As a reporter, Solomon is great, but as the host of Power and Politics, he simply seems out of his depth. Unfortunately his 'husky' voice makes it painful to listen to as well as watch as he attempts to provoke discussion with loaded comments and questions. Maclean's may consider him one of the top 100 people to watch, but for me, he's way down on the list. Rosemary Barton may not be considered by insiders to be in the same league as Solomon, but her performance as host of Power and Politics strikes just the right note of hard questions along with a great sense of humour. Unlike Solomon, she seems completely at ease in the role.