Rife government corruption in Afghanistan strengthens Taliban

“This is the reason no one accepts the rule of law”


American soldiers in the Ghazni province of Afghanistan tell the New York Times that their greatest opponent may not be the few thousand Taliban who unofficially rule the area through sympathetic mullahs, but official corruption that undermines all of their efforts to strengthen civil society and causes locals to turn to insurgents for order and security. Some Afghan soldiers are equally frustrated. “This is the reason no one accepts the rule of law,² one colonel said, ³because the government is not going by the rule of law.”

New York Times

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Rife government corruption in Afghanistan strengthens Taliban

  1. The problem is not the corruption, it’s in their implementation of the program. If the Canadian government really cares about the future of Afghanistan, sending more soldiers isn’t the answer. What we should be sending is our elite squad of corruption “tutors”. Our guys ace it. We all know that corruption here takes the form of “what are you gonna do about it pal?” and ends up not being a problem for them at all. After each incident occurs, 1% of the population grumbles for a few minutes, possibly blogs a mean sounding comment or two and then grabs a brewski and shuts up. It’s being accepted as a daily life here now and the only real shocking story is when things aren’t corrupt. Show those Afghans how to cheat properly and some day they too could have all the corrupt government they want. Of course, it may take a while to convert the population into a culture of suckers who just shut up and take it, Canadian style. Now that’s living !!!! I sure hope they don’t read this and drum up phony some charges against me. Oh well, I’ll have my day in court. No wait, I’ll probably lose… this could get ugly. I’ve got it, I’ll tell the judge I’m a cop and then he can rig things with the crown guy will make sure I walk. Wow, I was getting worried there for a minute.

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