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Right-wing moment in Quebec gains momentum

Quebec Freedom Network hopes to redefine Quebec nationalism


The Quebec Freedom Network (QFN)—whose goal it is to unite the province’s right—is preparing for a daylong conference in Quebec City at the end of October. One of the six founders, Dr. Roy Eappen, said the group is similar to the Manning Centre, a conservative organization headed by Reform Party founder Preston Manning. However, the QFN does not intend to form a party or lobby for a candidate, rather they will serve as a networking platform to help the right in Quebec gain political traction. One thing isn’t on the agenda: sovereignty. “Quebec has lost too much time talking about (separating from Canada),” said one founder to the Montreal Gazette. “We forgot about other essential issues…and the province turned into a sprawling social democratic state drowning in debt.”

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Right-wing moment in Quebec gains momentum

  1. idealistic idiots…quebec is no longer the exclusive property of the french…and given the current birthrate among the french they are fast disappearing as a culture. instead of wasting time any money ramming french laws down our throat they should have been having kids. 2 generations from now they will be wondering why all the women will be forced by law to wear the veil.

    • One of the more stupid comments I've seen you leave, wilson.. and that's saying something.

      • There are some nuggets of truth in his comment:

        In particularly, the question of Quebecois identity in Quebec. As birth rates decline among the Quebecois, and more immigrants settle into Quebec, simple demographics will spell the end of Quebec separatism.

        • True that's why the PLQ has increased the immigration quotas. The PQ does not dare critize this decision for fear of passing for "racists" and "xenophobes". The Left is really hurting Quebec.