Riot police turn on memorial service in Iran -

Riot police turn on memorial service in Iran

Death of pro-opposition cleric ignites opposition


Iranian security forces stormed the area surrounding a mosque in Isfahan on Wednesday, arresting more than 50 and beating dozens who had gathered to mourn the death of a pro-opposition cleric. The death of Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri on Sunday has kicked off a series of anti-government protests, with thousands gathering to dispute the results of the June presidential elections that extended Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s term in office. The protest on Wednesday was planned as a more subtle show of opposition to the president. But the subtlety was lost when Basij militiamen surrounded the neighbourhood, unleashing tear gas and pepper spray on the crowd, which included women.

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Riot police turn on memorial service in Iran

  1. This happens every day in that part of the world. Let's not forget that the Radical Islamists' ultimate aim is to bring this conflict to the West and Mass Immigration is their vehicle for doing so. That means we need a moratorium on immigration NOW. Bribe-taking politician's on Al-Qaeda's payroll who insist on keeping current immigration policies in place, need to be offered a trip to the unemployment line or better yet Guantanamo Bay. Collaborating with Radical Islamists hell-bent on our demise is TREASON.
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    • Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the topic in the news item above. Ahmedinejad is not sitting there tapping the tips of his fingers thinking "Yes, yes, send more Iranian immigrants into Canada, that will be their downfall ! " He needs to go, no doubt, and the Iranian regime should be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons, but your anti-immigrant screed is ignorant if not downright ridiculous– and irrelevant to the issue being covered above.