Rioters lay siege to Vancouver

Angry mob torches cars, smashes windows in wake of Canucks’ defeat


Thousands of rioters laid siege to parts of downtown Vancouver Wednesday night in the wake of the Canucks loss to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals. The angry mob set fire to cars, smashed windows, and fought amongst themselves as riot police tried to restore calm. Hundreds of police were called in to deal with the chaos, which officials estimated involved over 100,000 rioters at its peak. The trouble apparently started as the game was winding down when people started throwing beer bottles at giant screens that were showing the game. Soon after, a car was set ablaze and things degenerated from there. Police had to shut down bridges coming into the downtown core, while TransLink pulled all buses out of the downtown core and the SeaBus stopped ferrying passengers into Waterfront Station. Officials haven’t released the final tallies but dozens of people were reportedly being treated in local hospitals as a result of the riots.

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Rioters lay siege to Vancouver

  1. I think I saw a few rioters with “stop Harper” signs – the Lepape “Arab Spring” is happening!!

    • If only it WAS about something important.

  2. Morons . Shame on us.
     the whole thing is moronic   the hysteria  what the media was pushing as some kind of force….
    the only winner is the owner of these teams.. who managed to  dressup  the whole  town in Canuck  jersey. 
     what the   hell you expect when small children are Crying on camera  WIN!!!   even before  the games were just starting..  It was all induced hysteria    Blame the  pushers  …
    it is just aGAME people.       all North America playing it …  thousand times each year    JUST A GAME>     

    • Hey, what do you think would have happened if they had won.  They might have burned down the whole city!  
      The problem is not with the popularity or “hysteria” around the game – afterall, no one rioted after the Olympics hockey.  Yet it happens in Canada on a regular basis during the Stanley Cup playoffs.  It has something to do with too much liquor and a group of people hell bent on making trouble.

  3. Thank you MacLeans for having the decency not to refer to these individuals as “fans” or describe the loss as the reason for the riots.  These people are just idiots who will look for any opportunity to cause chaos. 

  4. This is why we shouldn’t allow suburban kids and anarchist kids to hang out together.

  5. How an Afghan/Pakistan kind of mobbing could happen in a country where education is freely available up to K12,  is way embarrassingly a none brainer. 
    At least the Afghan and Pakistan rioters have an excuse of poverty and
    illiteracy. I believe this is one of the results of too much liberalism in our education system.  Values are discarded in favor of none sensical idiological brainwashings. Parents’ right to reasonably discipline their children also has been eroded by “well meaning” bureaucrats and court, and now many are left with brainless and selfish kids who behave lesser than animals just from losing a game.  I say, send these idiots to Afghanistan or Pakistan so they would learn firsthand how to value what they have unthinkingly thrown away. 

    It is a shame to have so many idiots in such a small place.

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