Video: Toronto Star reporter continues lawsuit, despite Rob Ford apology

‘I do not believe Mr. Dale is a pedophile’


TORONTO – Rob Ford’s apology Tuesday for his televised comments about Daniel Dale failed to satisfy the Toronto Star reporter, who said he is going ahead with a defamation lawsuit against the Toronto mayor.

Ford read a statement in council saying he didn’t intend to suggest Dale is a pedophile during a televised interview with Conrad Black.

“I never called Mr. Dale a pedophile,” Ford said. “I have never used that word to describe Mr. Dale. I do not believe Mr. Dale is a pedophile nor did I intend to suggest that in my comments.”

Ford said he apologizes if his “actual words” have caused Dale any harm or personal offence. The mayor called it “unfortunate” that a word he never said has been “ascribed” to him by the media.

Those remarks come a week after Ford initially said he stood by every word of the interview.

Dale served Ford last week with a libel notice, demanding the mayor retract all of his false claims about what happened during an incident near Ford’s house in May 2012 and issue an “unreserved, abject, complete apology.”

Hours after Ford read his statement, Dale issued one of his own on Twitter, saying Ford’s apology didn’t even come close to what he sought.

“In his ‘apology,’ the mayor didn’t retract anything at all,” Dale wrote. “Instead, he blamed the media for its reasonable interpretation of his words.”

During the interview with Black, which aired Dec. 9 on VisionTV, Ford claimed that Dale was in his backyard, “taking pictures of little kids.”

“I don’t want to say that word, but you start thinking what this guy is all about,” Ford said.

Ford did not retract or apologize for the “categorically false, malicious, and in-itself-defamatory claim about me taking pictures of his young kids,” Dale wrote Tuesday.

“I didn’t ask for an ‘I apologize if,’ I asked for an ‘I apologize because I said false, damaging, and unfounded things, and here they are,'” Dale wrote.

“So: while I appreciate the mayor’s first step, no dad or teacher would accept that apology as sufficient. I would appreciate another try.”

Dale has said he was writing a story about a plot of public land adjacent to Ford’s house that the mayor wanted to buy, so he went to take a look when the mayor emerged from his home to confront him. The reporter has said that at no time was he on the mayor’s property nor did he take any pictures.

In relating the incident, Ford has often said Dale was in his backyard taking pictures.

On Tuesday, Ford said he never personally saw Dale peering over his fence or taking pictures, just that his neighbour told him he had seen someone doing that.

“Mr. Dale apparently denies that,” Ford said. “At that moment, I honestly believed, I honestly believed my neighbour’s account of the events. I had no idea at the time who the person was my neighbour told me who was leering over my fence.”


Video: Toronto Star reporter continues lawsuit, despite Rob Ford apology

  1. That’s two non-apology apologies in two days. I wonder if he’ll ever grow up and start issuing sincere apologies for his bullying?

    • Whew. Was a little worried Mr. Dale would say “the hell with it” and move on. I wouldn’t blame him (litigation is energy sucking hell mostly), but am so glad he decided to stick with it. That “apology” was a joke.

  2. SchadenForde (ˈshä-dən-ˌfor-də) (n) – A psychotic condition marked by the taking of extreme pleasure in the suffering and misfortune of the Mayor of Toronto. Mostly prone to afflict those in the journalism profession, particularly in Canada, causing them to report on nothing else. There is no known treatment for this disorder.

    • It is, of course, totally unlike the hail of nasty and untrue Con comments everytime Justin so much as sneezes.

    • JGism: A condition peculiar to one JG. It principally manifests itself whenever the so called liberal press does its job and covers the news. Apparently he thinks they manufacture most of it in Justin Trudeau’s basement.

    • Well that makes total sense. It is perfectly fine for Ford to go on TV and call the man a pedophile, but when he apologizes, the media should ignore it.

      Makes sense to a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

      • Except he really only “apologized” on behalf of the Toronto Star ha, ha. It was all their fault obviously, that everything was just MISCONSTRUED. Although I did get a little satisfaction to watch him sweat through it. Yep. You got it john g.

      • Neither incident was news.

        • Only in your dreams…

      • Never mind that he really doesn’t apologize! Great big baby/bully.

    • For chrissake john. When the mayor of a major city says very nasty things about a reporter, it’s news. When he then, after first “standing by” them, offers a mealy and evasive apology, it’s also news. As for Ford’s “misfortune”, you might be partly right if the man didn’t pathologically smear and blame anyone who reports stuff about him that’s unflattering, then only apologize when it’s proven that he did, in fact, do what he was accused of doing in the first place (which has been the case almost always).

      Also, Ford makes himself news by, um, going on the frigging airwaves nonstop. How do you square your characterization of the media as “liberal” in a world where Ford is PART of the media?!?

      • Once again I’d have to agree with John and disagree with the progressive bandwagon.

        No, it’s not news. This story has been beaten to death. Frivolous lawsuits are not news, except maybe when they’re launched or ended, nor the conversations surrounding them is news, especially when this is the 50th post or article at Maclean’s over this. The news was reported already. Now it’s just stupid gossip. There’s nothing more to say about this. Who the heck cares what Ford says or Dale says about this from now on.

        Actual stuff happening to people in the city of Toronto, that’s news.

        Reporters and politicians navel-gazing and blathering at each other, that’s not.

        When the people that report the news become the news, because of the way they report the news, that’s not news. That’s business as usual in TO.

        The launching of the lawsuit, that could be considered news, even though people suing Ford is somewhat repetitive. Now it’s just getting tiresome, and we’re nowhere near the end yet.

        • I would say that a sitting mayor pseudo-apologising for his behaviour in council is news. A Conservative MP apologised in the House of Commons for using some inappropriate language towards a colleague I believe and that was reported as news in MacLeans,
          This MP didn’t pseudo-apologise after insisting he had done nothing wrong though. He stood up and said sorry for what he had said, admitted it was not the correct thing to do and boom one small report that was soon forgotten. In fact I can’t find it with a quick google. Moore this weekend found out that lieing about what you said just makes it worse too.

          The mayor is supposed to be an adult, but instead he behaves like a spoilt child who has never been denied anything he wanted and as such he can’t believe he is ever wrong.

        • But isn’t the news today about the mayor of Canada’s largest city making a public excuse for lies he has repeatedly said?
          Didn’t all this arise from Rob Ford’s interview on TV?
          Maybe Rob Ford should leave the media people alone.

        • Ha ha.

          Why, just the other day you claimed Dale’s conduct could lead one to conclude he was a pedophile. And now that Ford has (sort of) retracted his statement, you say this is all stuff and nonsense and not worthy of our interest.

          Here is your comment, in case you need reminding:

          “Pedophilia is having a sexual interest in kids.

          Spying into someone’s home in the evening could be construed as spying on the kids specifically.

          It’s highly unlikely Dale is a pedophile, but unfortunately for him,
          it’s one of many possible explanations for the incident. Without
          knowing Dale’s true intentions, it’s impossible to rule anything out.”

          • Well yes, I don’t know what your point is. If someone is peeking over your fence and spying at you, that’s one of the possibilities. He might also be a thief, crazy, nosy, or lots of other possibilities. Being a pedophile is one of them, he might be staring at your kids.
            I’m glad you like my comments so much that you repeat them.

        • This “actual stuff” IS happening to the people of Toronto. If you don’t live here, you can’t understand how badly many of us want him out, and the circus to end. We can’t even seem to have a civilized council meeting. He has to go. That’s why I post. Respectfully, I care very much that my mayor? has lied and lied and lied.

  3. C’mon…that’s an apology? Where’s the “sincerely, sincerely, SINCERELY” part?

    • I preferred his “super super super super super super super super sorry” apology earlier in the day.

  4. were his exact words “anything about Dale personally”, as CP says. Becuase he clearly did mean to insinuate something ugly, he just thought he could get away with not using an implied word.

    • You kind of wonder why he said “Daniel Dale” in the interview, instead of a “Star reporter”? Not personal at all.

  5. The apology to the readers of the post will be along shortly then, for all the drivel on this subject authored by His Lordship. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he doesn’t now sue ford for breach of contract and cowardice in the face of the enemy.

  6. I imagine the mayor’s calendar always includes two entries for every event . . . the event itself and a presser for the apology a few hours later.

    • 3 actually. There’s usually one in between where he promises never to back off his comments, apologize or just generally deny everything.

  7. Which still leaves the big question open, what word didn’t Ford want to say when he told 2 deliberate lies about Dale and then said “I don’t want to say that word, but you start thinking what this guy is all about..”

    Was it “Crack Reporter”? “Genius”?

  8. What a pathetic weasel. I don’t care if stays on as mayor, but I – for one – would be awfully grateful if he’d just learn to shut the f*ck up and stop polluting the world with his cowardice, self serving lies, smears and excuses.

    • Sean, I live in Toronto, and care a lot whether he stays on as Mayor. Thumbs up to the rest of your post though.

  9. “Ford said he was “merely commenting” on the thoughts that went through his mind during the incident from May 2012.”

    And the fact that you are the chief officer of Toronto with a considerable bully pulpit places no limits on your behaviour, does it?
    I feel suddenly silly for writing that sentence…i need some crack or something.

    This is a super apology Ford style…it’s still the media’s fault!

    • And his neighbour’s.

      • He’ll be blaming his own kids before he accepts any accountability.

  10. Having served on three U. N. missions in a senior position, I have witnessed first-hand the media’s capacity for being slime and engaging in self-serving behavior. I suspect both parties in this particular case deserve everything they get; problem is, neither of them will get everything they deserve.

    • That has to be the oddest claim to authority I’ve ever encountered. I had no idea the U.N. had sent three missions to Toronto.

      • Are you naturally a simpleton? or do you have to work at it?

        • It’s all natural, baby. How much work did it take to convince yourself that experience as an intern coffee fetcher for a U.N. agency gives you special insight?

          • It shows. Lemme see how derisive can the entertainment be: I live in a have province that now helps foot the bill for the center of the universe have not entity, we were treated to the spectacle of call out the army for snow, and the best is now upon us with the Ford gong show. I actually love it being on the outside observing the entertainment.

      • But we do send them the army when they have snow storms.

        • Um, that was the Candian military. Not the U.N., if memory serves me.

          • . . . . and you think the Canadians wearing the blue berets are civilians?

  11. The rank partisanship and corresponding gutter diving by the press in Canada is embarrassing. That such reportage is met with glee by the likes of emily speaks volumes about how low they’ve sunk.

    That rank name calling on these comment threads is met with such approval (and intelligent critique raving hostility) nicely confirms the cesspool of intolerance such “journalism” caters to.

    • HI biff!

      I see you are trying to derail the thread again.