Rob Ford featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live after walking into a TV camera


Chris Young/CP

The antics of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford are, once again, fodder for comedy, with late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel taking notice of the mayor on his show Tuesday night.

Though, this incident really wasn’t Ford’s fault. The mayor-camera collision happened as the mayor was rushing out of an executive committee meeting where he was discussing a contentious new Toronto casino Monday.

Eager to avoid journalists, who were equally eager to ask the mayor about the casino, Ford walked face-first into a City TV camera. Ford’s reaction, as reported by the Toronto Sun, was: “Ah f—k man. Holy Christ! Holy. Guys have some respect, you just hit me in the face with a camera.”

The mayor was not injured. His pride, however, may be stinging a bit after he made headlines in the Daily Mail, on Deadspin (which also created an animated GIF of the incident) and, now, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“He has free health care. It will be fine,” Kimmel says, before replaying the tape in slow motion and adding: “Look at the guy behind him smiling. I have a feeling that gentleman is soon to be unemployed.”

Here’s a Youtube clip of the Kimmel bit:


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Rob Ford featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live after walking into a TV camera

  1. Funny? Yes. Newsworthy? Not so much…

    • It’s a comedy show….wait till Rick Mercer covers it.

      • On RMR, sure – like I said, it is good for a laugh…

    • who are you to decide what is newsworthy or not, Keith? Why do you hate freedom of the press so intensely? Sad indeed. I’m worried about your happiness Keith. U mad bro?

      • You obviously aren’t familiar with my posts or my views on Ford. Can’t stand the man; think he’s a clown. Love it when he gets caught doing what he oughtn’t. But there is a difference between deliberate acts of stupidity and an accident.

        • answer the question: who are you to decide what is newsworthy or not? The answer is: no one, that’s who.
          Yours is a pitiful life indeed.

          • Sounds like YOU are very determined to decide for ME, though! Note who is doing the name-calling; it ain’t me. What is this determination on your part to try to make me feel depressed? Why the attempted bullying?

            FYI – I’m laughing AT you, not with you…

          • name-calling? When? Specific examples please. I expect a direct reply.

            I’m simply calling you out on YOUR bullying, O Great One Who Knows What Is And Is Not Newsworthy For All.  <— that was sarcasm by the whey
            Why the attempted bullying indeed? ANSWER THE QUESTION

          • I posted my opinion. You don’t like it so you accuse me of hating freedom of the press; of being, sad; mad; pitiful. You don’t like my opinion, fine; but I think all your name-calling is a big mirror reflecting your true nature. Go get help.

          • BTW, I explained why I thought it was NOT newsworthy. How about you explain why you think it is? ANSWER THE QUESTION

          • Keith I agree with you . It was your opinion. Maybe tin area should not scroll down to the comments and read them if he/she can’t handle it. Just saying.

          • Guess you think the current size of Kim Kardashian’s arse should be the lead story…

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