Rob Ford has 'come to Jesus' moment'; vows to be slimmer by spring -

Rob Ford has ‘come to Jesus’ moment’; vows to be slimmer by spring


TORONTO – Toronto’s embattled mayor says he’s turning his life around, staying off alcohol and trying to lose weight — all while threatening legal action against city council for stripping him of most of his powers.

In a series of interviews with Canadian and American television networks Rob Ford promised people will see a positive change in him in the near future.

He told CBC News “The National” in an interview with host Peter Mansbridge Monday night that he has had a “come to Jesus moment” brought on by the “belittling” he has endured lately.

The interview capped a day which saw Ford remain defiant despite a series of unprecedented votes in city council which reduced his powers to ribbon cutting.

Ford’s criminal lawyer, Dennis Morris, said the mayor is spending up to two hours a day exercising, has revamped his diet and is receiving “professional support” including care from a medical doctor.

“It isn’t just going to the gym and having a few shakes, he’s addressing a substance abuse problem, and I don’t think you have to ask too many questions to realize it’s probably alcohol,” Morris told The Canadian Press.

Though the mayor has denied being addicted to drugs or alcohol, the allegations laid out in police documents are “part and parcel of indicia of having a substance abuse challenge,” Morris said.

In an interview broadcast this morning on NBC’s “Today,” Ford was combative under questioning by host Matt Lauer, who asked him about his admitted binge drinking.

Lauer asked Ford if he’d be able to handle a terror attack or disaster in the city if he’d been out on a binge the night before — but Ford said that could happen to anyone.

“I’m very fortunate that hasn’t happened. It’s very few isolated incidents that it’s happened,” Ford replied.

“That could happen with anybody at any time.”

In Monday’s vote, councillors slashed Ford’s mayoral budget and handed many of his duties and staff to the city’s deputy mayor, Norm Kelly.

Kelly told reporters Tuesday he would carry on with the mayor’s fiscally conservative agenda, but adopt a “more co-operative” approach that is “more sensitive to the arguments and positions of others.”

Another councillor said the votes went to great lengths “to isolate the mayor and limit the damage” he can do to the city.

“Ford continues to put himself ahead of the best interests of the city,” Coun. Joe Mihevc said Tuesday.

“He has brought shame and embarrassment to the city, dishonour to the office of mayor, and has a record of failed leadership.”

Mihevc also said it’s time for council to get back to “boring.”

Ford called Monday’s votes a “coup d’etat” and a declaration of war, comparing what happened to him to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991.

Ford’s lawyer, George Rust-D’Eye, said he might seek an injunction against council’s decisions but was still waiting for instructions.

City staff said they believed their actions, which are essentially in force until the next municipal election in October 2014, would withstand legal scrutiny.

Ford admitted last week to buying illegal drugs while in office, then sparked outrage by making a crude sexual comment on live television.

He has steadfastly refused to take a leave or resign since reports surfaced in May of a video that appeared to show him smoking crack cocaine.

Police said they had recovered the video but have refused to release it.


Rob Ford has ‘come to Jesus’ moment’; vows to be slimmer by spring

  1. Let us hope he had a “Jesus moment” – whatever that means. And let us hope that the media circus dies down too. Years from the media’s part in this will be analyzed, and the result will not be pretty. The liberal media, particularly the Toronto Star, has absolutely hated Rob Ford since before he was elected, and has campaigned against him all along. Other important issues have been given the kid glove treatment, and private mobile phone recordings are shown publicly. How many businessmen do you think would be worried if staff recorded their acts and language during meetings?? I have known a few. I wish Rob Ford the best in the next election, but the media will hate him even more should he win…

    • Well, since you couched it in terms of business… how many publicly traded corporations would tolerate a CEO acting as Ford does? Stock prices would plummet and the Board of Directors would quickly be showing the CEO the door and bringing in a replacement.
      I find it odd how right wing, pro business types find it so hard to see this…

      • You know people can disagree, that is why Tim Horton’s has many different types of donuts. You may like the Liberal ministers who each have wasted a billion dollars or more on ORNG, eHealth and power plants. They may [or may not, I don’t know] be prim and proper in their personal lives – but in the execution of their work they have done nothing to impress me!!

        • I’m not exactly in love with our leadership at any level, of any stripe. I actually agree with some of Ford’s politics (not a lot, but some). But it isn’t Ford’s politics that have him in hot water. He’s just too much of a child to be in charge of anything.

  2. He should quit crack

  3. So, Ford is going to quit the booze and lose weight now that he has had a “come to Jesus moment”.

    Little late for that don’t you think.
    Canada’s best known ” Buffoon” has already made a fool of himself and all the while clings to ” Power”.
    Given his delusions (wanting to run for PM), looks like Ford has indeed stopped smoking crack cocaine. Now he’s dropping LSD.

  4. Why would anyone with two brain cells to rub together accept his commitment on anything?

    He should really stop promising and ‘vowing’ things. There’s no credibility left. It’s up in smoke.

  5. With Xmas, New Years and Easter in there? Doubtful.

    • Don’t forget St Patrick’s day.

      • Oooh right. Definitely the wrong time of year to diet! LOL

  6. Well, crack is an appetite suppressant

    • It doesn’t seem to be working for Ford lol