Rob Ford roundup: An email from the fired chief of staff and weekend protest


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The Toronto Sun started Monday morning with a reminder that the media is not done with the Rob Ford crack-cocaine story yet. Sun City Hall reporter Don Peat got his hands on the email Ford’s former chief of staff Mark Towhey sent out to staff on the evening before he was fired.

A blurry photo of the email, sent at 5:18 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22 reads:

Do not answer calls from the mayor tonight.

Take the night off.

Will explain in the AM.

Earl, George, David call me when you can.

Towhey sent the email on the same night that news came out about Ford being relieved of his volunteer football coaching duties at Don Bosco high school. Both the Sun and the Toronto Star have quote sources who say, on that evening, Towhey refused to help Ford host a pizza party for his former players, and both have also reported that Ford wanted to drive to the school and take back the football equipment that he had donated.

The men mentioned at the end of the letter are: David Price, Ford’s director of logistics and operations; Earl Provost, Ford’s new chief of staff and George Christopoulos, Ford’s press secretary.

Towhey was fired the next day. Chistopoulos left the following Monday, quitting along with deputy press secretary Isaac Ransom.

The Sun’s latest scoop comes after a busy weekend for Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford. The pair was back on its weekly talk-radio show Sunday, where the Fords were careful not to mention the alleged video of the mayor smoking crack cocaine, but they did take aim at “the media” and Ontario’s Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne. “She couldn’t organize a two-car funeral and you’re telling me to get my house in order? I’ve proven I can get my house in order, I’ve saved a billion dollars in two years Premier,” Rob Ford said of Wynne, who said last week that she was concerned about the goings on a Toronto City Hall.

Also on the weekend, Mayor Ford took time to scoop ice cream at Baskin Robbins as part of a fundraiser for a Toronto children’s hospital.

As Ford was scooping treats, protesters gathered in front of City Hall to demand his departure.

While Ford leaving City Hall looks pretty unlikely at this point, it is also unlikely that he will attend the Pride parade. Ford told a local radio station that he will likely go to his family’s cottage on the Canada Day long weekend, which is the same weekend that the parade — a huge tourist draw for the city — winds through the streets of downtown Toronto. Ford has yet to attend a Pride parade since becoming mayor of Toronto, and his absence has been a point of contention with the city’s LGBT community.

And, just in case you were wondering about that big guy in the blue shirt standing guard during all of the mayor’s press conferences, the Toronto Star has a report on Mike Toolaram, a City Hall security guard whose job has likely been a lot more stressful than usual in the last two weeks.

While Ford seems to be waiting for this entire alleged crack-cocaine use scandal to die down, media aren’t giving up. Camera crews were camped out in their usual spot outside the mayor’s office Monday morning.

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Rob Ford roundup: An email from the fired chief of staff and weekend protest

  1. I think it’s time city hall open up it’s email accounts to an independent investigation, to determine what emails should be made public. Hopefully doing so would be able to put an end to this scandal, or at least give an end in sight.

    • I think the star should fully open up on its email regarding Ford.
      Imagine what shining a little light into that rat-hole will uncover!

  2. it’s time for a full public inquiry on this whole affair, subpoena everyone involved Ford, his brother, the star reporters, Towhey, the press secretaries, everyone and clear the air

    • I agree, someone is guilty of something and now it’s gotten way out of hand. This scandal needs an end with a proper answer.

      • The media is the main suspect of wrong doings.

        • Then why all the resignations from ford’s office?

    • Well, the star for sure – but bring along macleans, globe, cbc etc for good measure.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • you seem to have a hate on for the lgbt….yet you acknowledge the value of pride wkend , as well as mister fords attempt to marginalize an entire community.with your comically desperate post defending a mayor bent on making toronto infamous….

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Why is it the LGBT types can be “hateful” towards the heterosexuals (who are in the vast majority) yet we can never say anything negative about homosexuals? Sounds like National Socialism ideology to me.

        • You are correct.

        • And where, exactly, is anyone being “hateful” towards straights? Oh, wait: THEY’RE NOT. THEY’RE JUST ASKING FOR THE SAME SORT OF RESPECT STRAIGHTS TAKE FOR GRANTED.

          And for that, you label them Nazis. Now tell me again who hates whom?

        • Because in their world, only they have the right to speak! You do not and therefore shall just shut-up and be quiet while your masters do the talking.

          It has nothing to do with actually ensuring equal rights, blah, blah, it is all about having their viewpoint shoved down your throat.

          • Hence my National Socialist remark. In a free and democratic society opposing viewpoints are tolerated and are debated, unlike the Jennifers, LCs and the ACMEs on this forum.

    • This comment was deleted.

  4. Rob Ford could end this all by plucking a hair from his head and having it tested. If he’s clean of crack, then he can turn around and tell the media circus “Told ya so.” So much focus on the video which could easily be doctored but believable on an iphone screen

    • That wouldn’t be why Ford shaved his head just before his “I don’t do crack” press conference, would it, Justin?

      Naah, it couldn’t be that.

      • Doubt Ford would agree to a drug test but it’s possible he was warned that someone else might pick up a hair or two somewhere and have it independently tested.

    • mister ford has had many opportunities to refute and put to bed this ridiculous furor over his alleged illegal drug use….instead the two misters fords priority is to “get the star”…..how would misters ford handle a REAL crisis?

  5. This comment was deleted.

    • Will you please stop using the Macleans comment board for your crusade? The things you are posting are not justoff-topic; they are libellous in the extreme. Flagged as inappropriate.

  6. Dear Cracktonians, Mr.Ford represents you well :)

    • This comment was deleted.

      • ????

  7. I’d still like to know why the press unquestioningly repeats Ford’s claim about “saving the city a billion dollars” when there is absolutely no merit to it.

    • Yes. That’s a totally legitimate point to raise ACME. Just like Rob Ford fans want to ‘see’ proof of the alleged video showing the MAYOR getting stoned on crack, why aren’t they all clamoring for proof of the so called ‘billions’ in savings that the MAYOR and his trusty sidekick, Doug Ford keeps harping about. Just one billion dollars in savings is a pretty high figure, let alone many of them.

  8. So, I see there is still no video-tape, what a surprise.

  9. Call in the O.P.P to investigate. The Big Guy seems to think that if he (and Dougie) just hunker down it will blow away.

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