Rob Ford sets voting record? -

Rob Ford sets voting record?

Won most votes ever for a Canadian politician, says expert


Rob Ford, Toronto’s mayor-elect, was voted in with a record number of ballots on Monday, according to a professor at the University of Toronto. is reporting that Ford was directly elected with more votes than any other Canadian politician in history. “Nobody in the history of Canada has ever gotten as many votes in any election as Rob Ford,” said U of T Professor Nelson Wiseman. (Though more people vote in a provincial or federal election, the premier or prime minister is still only elected by constituents in their individual riding). Another fun fact: Ford also won more votes in the last election than previous Mayor David Miller did in both his 2003 and 2006 campaigns.


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Rob Ford sets voting record?

  1. I'll say this for Ford, this election marks the first time I was aware of municipal candidates in another city.

    Also, did you hear him on As It Happens last night (Oct 26)? Hilarious and kind of endearing. It sounded like Toronto elected Tommy Boy as mayor.

    • I agree, he is very charming, I sure hope he delivers!!

    • "endearing"? How about simplistic and arrogant?

      • I have to wonder why he chose to take that call at football practice. It crossed my mind that neither he nor his supporters give a **** about the CBC — or if they care at all, they hate it.

        But the election's over. The people have spoken very clearly. Nothing left now but to watch it unfold. Easy for me to say from another province.

        Go Jays!

      • Most of us love forrest gump:) Have you ever considered the intelligence it takes "appear" like a simpleton,and yet convince an apathetic city for the most part to come out to do their civic duty? Never mind the less than flattering personal history unrelated to political issues his detractors dug up to stop him from derailing the gravy train!

      • CBC must really hate it, when people stopped listening to them anymore.

    • You are exactly right. I didn't vote for Ford and probably never will but he is able to make himself endearing after a certain fashion.

      At the end of one of the mayoral debates on CITY-TV his closing remark was like a plea "Just give me a chance. I'll be the best mayor this city has ever had." He came across like the fat kid who has been teased and picked on and for a fragment of a second I felt sorry for him. Then I remembered, "He's not the fat kid who's been picked on. He's the beefy guy who's a bombastic bully."

      He's also the guy, who, at the end of a debate on TVO, when each candidate was asked to say one nice thing or something admirable about the candidate to his or her immediate right (in his case George Smitherman) he couldn't say a thing. All he could come up with was along the lines of getting fashion tips.

      And yet I'll bet there are some who still found that to be an example of how he's not all "phoney."

  2. This is actually totally false. Lastman received more votes in 1997 and 2000 than Ford. And just look how that turned out.

  3. There's a big lesson here. Ford wasn't afraid to talk to people who disagreed with him. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind. He proved that voting works and makes a difference. Ford reminded people that voting is worth participating in.

  4. I guess that'll send those skanky liberals into hiding for the next 8 years.

  5. He achieved this despite all of The Stars efforts and lies to stop him. Congrats to Ford.

    • Agreed. I don't know anything about Ford. But anyone who has earned the enmity of the Toronto Star editorial board has earned my deepest respect. I wish him well.

  6. You forgot to trash the unions, genius, other than that, you're firing on all cylinders.

  7. Why's it getting thumbs down? Look at all the morons' comments here, that's why. When "I agree, he is very charming, I sure hope he delivers!!" gets 5 thumbs up, you best just keep the truth to yourself.

  8. Don't think Smitherman's sexuality had much to do with it. Perhaps his performance as health minister ("health networks" boondoggle, e-health boondoggle), and energy minisgter (Samsung boondoggle, Green Energy boondoggle) was more of a concern for voters.

    • True that. Smitherman's record as a provincial cabinet minister should have been enough to derail his campaign from the get-go.

  9. I just gave you the thumbs down too. No offense. Just that whenever someone complains of getting a thumbs down, I reflexively give them another one. Nothing personal buddy.

    • and a thumbs down for you …

  10. Jim may have a point about immigration being harmful to the left in the long-run. Relative to older Canadians, new Canadians are more family-oriented, religious and have bold economic aspirations. They make up a disproportionate share of small business owners, a long-standing constituency of the right. Historically, however, they have not in a large part because of very effective outreach and networking by the Liberal party.

    However, insofar as some Tories have anti-immigrant views, there is an opportunity for other parties to attempt to drove a wedge in Harper's coalition. Presumably the Liberals and NDP can't do that, but the Bloc sure can.

  11. Winnipeg just re-elected Katz over his NDP rival who put big resources and a strong organization to oust him.

    So much for chalking Ford's win up to an "anti encumbancy" mood sweeping the land.

    Cosh had it right. What's sweeping the land is conservatism plain and simple. Not anti gay, not anti encumbant. Conservatism.

  12. There may be two explanations for results of Torontos elections:

    1. People get tired with liberal propaganda and constant failures of previouis mayor. They understood that Toronto is becoming slowly a non-Canadian city, and they decided to vote for someone who may be able to bring back normality to the city.

    2. Thousands of new immigrants that were brought to Torono by libtards hate gays and lesbains (espoecially muslim immigrants) so they turned against liberals during mayoral elections. This should teach libtards that their own ideology will have destructive effect in long-term run…but do they ever learn enything? (just look at Iggy or Macguinty)

  13. Ford got 353,000 votes. Mel Lastman got 483,000 votes in 2000, and 387,000 votes in 1997. So, the statement “Nobody in the history of Canada has ever gotten as many votes in any election as Rob Ford” is wrong.