Rob Ford tells Conrad Black he's ready to take urine test to prove he's clean -

Rob Ford tells Conrad Black he’s ready to take urine test to prove he’s clean


TORONTO, Cananda – Toronto’s embattled mayor has told ex-media mogul Conrad Black he’s willing to submit to a urine test to prove he has no drugs or alcohol in his system.

Rob Ford’s comments have aired in a promotional clip for an interview with Black that was recorded last week and will air on Vision TV on Monday night.

Ford has been under scrutiny since May, when two media outlets reported the existence of an alleged video which showed the mayor smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine.

After a string of denials, Ford stunned observers last month by admitting he had smoked crack in one of his “drunken stupors.”

The mayor is also facing allegations he offered purported gang members money and a car in exchange for a video — unproven claims contained in police documents that are part of a guns and gangs investigation.

Meanwhile Black — who served 37 months in a Florida prison after being convicted in the U.S. for fraud and obstruction of justice — says Ford should be accorded a full presumption of innocence unless he is justly convicted and “beyond that his accusers should put up or shut up.”

Black has argued repeatedly that the U.S. case against him was the result of an unfair prosecution.

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Rob Ford tells Conrad Black he’s ready to take urine test to prove he’s clean

  1. Rob Ford IS a urine test….and if he took one he would have to study ahead of time. So clean for 2 weeks? Does that justify 2 years of stupidity and crime? Can we just get rid of this fool?

    • Looks like not ’til the election.

      Torontonians had better set a record high for voter turnout and hopefully Ford nation makes up 10-20% of the vote.

      There certainly has to be someone who is fiscally conservative and progressive elsewhere without the checkered history.

      • Rob Ford is hardly “progressive elsewhere”. Unless you’re Rip Van Winkle, and your last observation of human behavior was in the 1600’s. Then, I suppose you could call graphic descriptions of his wife’s vagina to the press “progressive”, along with knocking down elderly women, insulting GLBT people and being a blackout alcoholic that occasionally shoots heroin, smokes crack, and uses the police to bribe, intimidate and cajole anybody with he evidence into playing along.

        “Progressive”? Huh?

        • Dude(s)…

          Ford nation is real and a real force to be reckoned with.

          If the general populace want a fiscal conservative and social progressive, as they seemingly have been for a few years, let’s hope that someone else declares their intent to run. Let’s also hope that a record turnout for municipal elections happens so as to bury that 40% of voters that they become 10-20% and insignificant.

  2. Ford seems to think that if he’s clean for now, it negates all the previous bad behavior – well no, it doesn’t!

  3. I assume this would involve a trip to a park or school and some gatorade?