Rob Ford elected Toronto mayor in landslide

Record turnout gives “gravy-train” warrior strong mandate


Less than 10 minutes after polls closed at 8:00 p.m. in Toronto, the local TV stations in Toronto were already declaring Rob Ford the new mayor. Ford, the 41-year-old lone wolf candidate who campaigned on fiscal responsibility, took home 47 per cent of the vote, leaving former Ontario cabinet minister George Smitherman a distant second with 36 per cent of votes. Joe Pantalone, the left-wing deputy mayor, received less than 12 per cent. A record number of voters—more than 52 per cent—turned out to vote after pre-election polls put the two front-runners within a few points of each other. Toronto’s last two civic elections have drawn fewer than 40 per cent of eligible voters. Rob Ford spoke in front of a crowd in suburban Etobicoke shortly after 9 p.m., declaring an end to “the gravy train at city hall.” Ford also vowed to quash the unpopular $60 vehicle registration fee imposed by outgoing mayor David Miller. In his short speech, he also said he would end the city’s fair-wage clause, which prevents the city from tendering contracts to companies that pay less than the city’s unionized employees. Ford will take over the mayoral duties in December.

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Rob Ford elected Toronto mayor in landslide

  1. Congratulations Rob !!
    Bring Toronto back to normality!

  2. I hope Toronto's experiment goes better than Ottawa's of four years ago.

    • Toronto's is much less of experiment; Larry O'Brien was an unknown without experience. Rob Ford, whatever you may say about him, certainly isn't that.

  3. Council sessions are about to get a lot more shouty!

  4. "Don't blame, I voted for Kodos!" indeed.

    • Uh, that should be, "Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"

  5. quote of the evening from a CP24 viewer:

    “Actually Smitherman and Pantalone together got more votes than Ford. That shows you just how badly democracy works."

    • Losing really hurts eh? In democracy we do not add nor combine the losing contenders votes,not even if the opposing candidates are twins or clones of each other. The winner is the person who get most votes. I too thought that Smitherman had more chances of winning for bringing in the suppose to be "top guns" like Trudeau, and big Unions. I guess the "Trudeau" name does not count for much anymore, and the Unions just stinks eh.

  6. Toronto dodged a socialist bullet to the head, now there's a chance to make the city a better place to live and work.

    • Smitherman would still have been noticeably to the right of David Miller. Unless you meant Pantalone, in which case you're correct.

  7. I'd like to suggest Mayor Ford starts charging for tickets to City Council meetings. Because they are sure to be the entertainment of the month each month (could be better than Ultimate Fighting!) and free money for debt reduction is always welcome, right?

  8. Now it is time for Mayor Ford to deliver. And I agree with you Jenn_ on charging tickets for every City council meetings. Why not charge hefty fee for every media that covers this meetings too?

    • uhmm, we no longer use terms like hefty, please.

      • Sorry, no pun intended. Ooops, I did it again.