Rob Ford’s Christmas gift to his wife? A nice cheque, mayor says


TORONTO – Toronto’s controversial mayor is offering husbands tips on what to get their wives for Christmas.

Rob Ford told a Washington radio show that “women love money.”

He says “you give them a couple thousand bucks and they’re happy.”

Ford told the hosts of Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan that he planned to get his wife “some treats on the side,” but says “at the end of the day she wants her cash.”

He says he’ll be giving her “a nice cheque.”

Ford’s wife, Renata, who is seldom seen in public, came to her husband’s defence last month after he spouted an obscenity on live TV while denying allegations contained in police documents submitted in court.

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Rob Ford’s Christmas gift to his wife? A nice cheque, mayor says

  1. He must be doing all this deliberately….insulting people in order….he can’t possibly be this stupid

    • I think he’s insulting Canadians alphabetically. He’s got a list of names, and he’s just going down his list, checking off names as he goes.

      I think he’s determined to personally insult each and every one of us.

      • LOL now THAT could be. Everyday now, sometimes twice a day….it’s something even dumber than before!

  2. Uh, Rob, you DO know what that makes her sound like, right?
    I’m betting you’ll find a ice big roll of duct tape under the tree – along with instructions on applying it to your mouth.

  3. Why is this news? I propose this is an example of taking “Ride Rob To The Front Page” mantra a bit too far…

    Who cares?

    • Rob Ford takes himself to the front page – he went out of his own accord to that interview with Black, he has been hosting a radio show… The media doesn’t abuse Rob Ford, Rob Ford abuses the mediums.

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