Robert Dziekanski's mother to sue the government, RCMP -

Robert Dziekanski’s mother to sue the government, RCMP

Zofia Cisowski alleges officers used excessive force against her son


Zofia Cisowski, the mother of Robert Dziekanski, has launched a lawsuit against the Canadian and British Columbia governments, the Vancouver airport, and the four police officers involved in her son’s death. Cisowski’s suit alleges the RCMP officers used excessive force against Dziekanski and that they had no grounds to detain or taser him multiple times. The suit also claims the RCMP “knowingly misrepresented her son’s conduct and the cause of his death” after the fact. As a result, “Ms. Cisowski suffered an extreme psychological shock that has resulted in a recognizable psychiatric illness or psychological harm,” says the statement of claim.

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Robert Dziekanski’s mother to sue the government, RCMP

  1. The four RCMP officers would have faced criminal charges last December were it not for the Crown's Criminal Justice Branch executive management, which exonerated the Mounties and claimed the five Taser shocks and other brutal treatment were “reasonable and necessary.”

    Stan Lowe took part in that decision. Just one week later, Lowe was appointed B.C.'s police complaint commissioner, a job that allows him to make similar judgements on behalf of B.C.'s municipal cops.

  2. I wondered how long she would wait before trying to make a buck off of this…shame on her. Where is her responsibility in this?

    • Um… how was she in any way responsible for the tazering of her son leading to his death?

    • Her responsibility? What are you smoking?

      • Multiple tasering is never justified!

    • …sounds like you might be eight cents shy of a dime there alex…next time try making some sense in your guttering responses

  3. ….it is what most or all grieving hurt psychologically affected parents would do…. if this was our story we would surely want some type of recompense and scream wrongful death as this was her only son …

  4. I respect and support the RCMP, but I don't trust them. These officers that killed this man must lose their Careers over this, and I think jail time is deserved as well. I will give money if it helps this suit to be successful!

  5. As a proud Canadian i am ashamed of the RCMP for what they did.