Robert Munsch admits to cocaine, alcohol abuse -

Robert Munsch admits to cocaine, alcohol abuse

Children’s author says he resorted to substances to combat bipolar disorder


Robert Munsch, the Canadian author of children’s classics like the Paper Bag Princess and Angela’s Airplane, has admitted to a history of drug and alcohol abuse—dependencies he said stem from bipolar disorder. In an interview with Global television, the Guelph, Ont.-based writer said he’s attending Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous and has been clean for four months. The 64-year-old said he started on cocaine only about five years ago, as he struggled with a mental illness that created the manic persona children loved to watch during readings. “My public person was so crazy and my private person was so depressed and unhappy,” he told Global.

Ottawa Citizen

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Robert Munsch admits to cocaine, alcohol abuse

  1. this just goes to show you that we are all too human and no one is infallible…so look higher for a perfect solution…God Himself….

  2. Pat, I'll abstain from getting into the whole higher being debate.

    I'll make this point instead. Robert Munsch is revered as the children's author and when he discloses to the public tha he is a drug using alcoholic. the public praises his disclosure and says, "There, there, Robert, we understand". Rahim Jaffer gets charged with carrying cocaine and he is abhored by the public. Don't we have a double standard here? Is it possible that Munsch told the 'world' about his cocaine use for less than altruistic reasons…afterall, he IS working through the 12-step program at NA. I don't condone drug use by anyone, even children's authors from Guelph…I just find the whole pro-Munsch media circus to be a bit nauseating. Cindy

  3. Ahh, yes, but which came first; bipolor disorder, or drug and alcohol abuse?

  4. How can you differentiate between alcoholism and alcohol abuse?