Robocalls is too big an operation for just one 'Poutine' loving man -

Robocalls is too big an operation for just one ‘Poutine’ loving man


It seems another chapter is about to unfold in the ongoing Robocall saga. On Thursday, it was the National Post’s Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher’s turn, as they speculated that the calls may have been set up by a larger group of people. Their report says they have spoken to a source “close to the robocalls probe” who said Sona learned of his involvement from Sun TV, and confirmed that Sona could not have acted alone to set up the complicated scam, currently under the authorship of a mysterious “Pierre Poutine.”

The report comes the day after the Globe and Mail’s Steven Chase and Daniel Leblanc reported that Elections Canada is now combing through emails and database records of the Conservative Party. Earlier this week on Tuesday, the 23-year-old former Conservative party staffer, Michael Sona, finally poked his head above the water in a brief statement to CTV where he said to have had “no involvement in the fraudulent calls.” Sona had been keeping a low profile since resigning from his job amid accusations that he had orchestrated a scam to divert voters from polling stations during the 2011 election in the riding of Guelph, while working as campaign staff for Conservative candidate Marty Burke.


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Robocalls is too big an operation for just one ‘Poutine’ loving man

  1. When is the media going to drop this dumb story created by a couple of Beltway reporters who lean so far left they could fall over anytime?. What is big about this other than a Liberal has had to admit he broke Election Canada rules. Pierre Poutine has not showed up and could be a Liberal or an NDP or some journalist looking for a story down the road. You better catch up with what is really going on and not try and create a myth.It has now got to a point where these two reporters see that they over played their hand and they may turn out to look so damn foolish in the eyes of everyone. The old saying when your in a hole quit digging would be good advice.

    • Especially when they’re getting close to finding the bodies buried, eh?

      • We can only hope they find something soon.  That false youtube confession was a real let down after we waited all weekend for Mr. Poutine to be reveiled as promised.  Sort of like Geraldo and Capone’s vault. 

    • When are Con apologists going to stand up democracy? What do Cons have to hide? What happened to Harper’s vaunted “transparency and accountability?” When will Con supporters do the right thing start standing up for Canada before Harper? So many questions and so few answers.

    • I have worked elections for over forty years. They will never be the same again. The two ladies whose voices I heard in English and French, are going to prison. The people who paid them are going to prison. Canada’s simple, efficient method of voting and counting that vote is now part of a bygone era. It is now more complicated and more difficult to vote and I want those responsible in prison for their treason.

    • Are people who lean far right in danger of falling over as well? It’s an odd metaphor Gar, because it amounts to nothing except an assertion – which really describes your entire post. If Maher is a lefty why did the most conservative media organization in Canada hire him? Oh, because your characterization of his politics is merely an assertion. That a liberal or NDPer could be the culprit? Assertion. And Gar, what is a myth but a simple story? You’re telling a story in your post, which makes it a myth. And then there are all the cliches in your post. Why do you sound like just one more member of a political herd? Why won’t you think for yourself?  

  2. I continue to be amused by Sona’s refusal to stay under the bus that the CPC keeps trying to throw him under.

    • You mean the “indentified Conservative sources”?  If reporters talked to these “sources’ over the telephone or through some other electronic means, who knows who they really are…obviously somebody played Sona in the fake confession video and who was the reporter talking to that was supposed to be Sona’s mother?

  3. Good to see McParland Is shilling as industriously as ever for the Tories…Coyne now, there’s a real journo, a guy who thinks before he opines…usually anyway.

    • I agree… Coyne is a true “Liberal”.

      • Coming from you i’m sure he would regard that as a complement.

        • I’m not convinced that anyone would regard it complimentary to be referred to as a Liberal, but if you say so… Coyne is a true Liberal… you’re welcome. 

  4. Okay so according to the Globe and Mail today, we have 700 robo-calls that directed voters to the wrong polling stations…not 31,000, not 1000….700.   Is this the number that the journalists are saying Pierre Poutine could not have done on his own…700?

    • .as long as it was only maybe one or two hundred that were defrauded it’s all good……..right?

      • For many Con supporters it’s party over country. 

  5. Another leftard scandle that falls flat on it’s face.

    31,000 people were robbed of their democratic rights!

    Oh, wait, it’s probably a few hundred…

    And of those, maybe a dozen or so that actually recieved incorrect polling station information.

    But wait….

    Harper is bad!

    Down with Harper!

    Hey mom, can I have bus fare to go to the protest?

    • It’s spelled “scandal”.

      The apostrophe in the contraction “it’s” indicates that the words “it is” have been shortened. The correct possessive form is “its”.

      Unless you are Mongolian, an ellipsis uses three periods, not four. Every time. (Not just when your typing finger happens to stop after three.)

      In addition, you clearly missed “I before E, except after C” as part of your education. You did receive an education, right?

      Ask your mom for bus fare to a school, boy.

    • “Leftard”, yeah right. Come back when you grow up.

    •  Posted 19 hours and only 1 like?
      Maybe you’re in the minority?

      • Prolly liked it himself.

  6. In the previous election 500 complaimts were registered. The one before that, 600. Once again the media have performed a diservice to the Canadian public by their hysterical reporting.

    • 700 votes suppressed is 700 too many in a democracy. That’s only the people that bothered to register a complaint. Perhaps there were many more who didn’t know where to register a complaint or felt it was pointless. Please go and change the channel somewhere else. The Toronto Sun comes to mind. 

  7. Gustavo, particularly with this story, which is so full of he said/he said and “unnamed sources” that the whole thing is surrounded by so much rumour and innuendo, it is important to be very careful about factual reporting.  I appreciate that this is an easy mistake, but please correct before it goes any further.

    Marty Burke is not an MP.  He was the CPC candidate who was defeated by Frank Valeriote, the Liberal MP.

  8. “Michael Sona finally poked his head above water”… While the Hardly Boys, Maher and MacGregor, continue to push Sona’s head under the water and scream “drown, Con witch, drown !!” Meanwhile, un-named “sources” indicate that Maher and MacGregor were secretly married to each other at Liberal Party headquarters, attended by all members of the radical left media, while the ceremony was conducted by none other then Pierre Poutine. A “source” close to Maher and MacGregor stated that “these two maggots are even bigger a-holes then you think they are”… to which everyone in attendance nodded in agreement. 

    • yes….it is really funny listening to the Harper supporters now say that the National Post is lefty…Andrew Coyne is lefty….Macleans is lefty….all you folks will have left is the Sun….LOL

      • yes… it is really funny listening to irrational Harper haters now say that self confessed Librano voter Andrew Coyne is a Conservative… or that the NP is “right wing”… or that Mark Steyn could find employment at MacLeans. LOL

    •  I conclude that you really are good company for Harper and Baird. You all make a fabulous Trio. To paraphrase you “these three maggots are even bigger a-holes than I think they are”.

      • I conclude that you really are good company for MacGregor and Maher. To paraphrase you ” these three maggots are even bigger a-holes then everyone thinks they are”.

  9. Yeah, how could one person call the ~700 people making allegations (minus the people whose allegations are false). It is simply mind-boggling to imagine one person making 700 phone calls… with a freakin’ robo-dialer. Stephen Harper must have personally ordered it. Sure, being an evil genius, he knew that the Liberal margin would be some 6000 votes, and that there was no point in calling the small number of people outside of Guelph, he just wanted to screw around with some people. 

    On the other hand, sarcasm aside, it does kind of make one realize how fragile our democratic system is. And the irony is that it may have larger consequences beyond this incident. Like what if a polling station gets moved in 2015, and the Liberal party really does call its supporters to inform them of the change – is this what they’ll remember? 

    We need to find the guilty party and punish them, but beyond that, we need to insulate our democracy from these kinds of practices. That may mean specific actions, banning the use of weapons of mass deception. But is also should mean thinking about how to tone down the poisonous winner-take-all atmosphere that prevails in the war rooms of our political parties. The Conservatives hated Chretien, and so they became him. Will the Liberals do the same, or is there some way to end the cycle of political brutality that defines us (an aside: at least we aren’t Australia – we’re corrupt, but those guys are outright cannibalistic). 

  10. It would be useful for some of these readers to consider the facts of the matter instead of hurling insults.  This is isn’t a political battle of left versus right.  This is about our right to vote.  Anyone who is trying to take away that right is an enemy of Canada, whether Conservative or Liberal.  It does, however, look for now as though it was someone or many someones in the Conservative party who tried to defraud some Canadians of their democratic rights.  

    • Nice contradictory statement… or is it passive aggressive… As it does, look for now as though the only proven dirty tricks or defrauding of Canadians democratic rights was done by Liberals in Guelph. Looking as if, and proven are distinctly different, are they not?

  11. it was election fraud and everyone involved should be facing the death penalty

    • That’s a little harsh Russell. How about spending a few days in stocks in front city hall?