Robocalls scandal touches 'pretty much the whole country': Elections Canada chief -

Robocalls scandal touches ‘pretty much the whole country’: Elections Canada chief


Appearing before a House of Commons committee on the same day that most reporters were tied up with budget speculation and analysis, Canada’s chief electoral officer discussed the scope of the so-called robocalls scandal that saw hundreds of Canadians receive suspicious phone calls directing them to non-existent polling stations during the last federal election.

Under the Elections Act, trying to prevent someone from voting is illegal.

Marc Mayrand, head of Elections Canada, told the committee that 800 people had filed specific complaints about the misleading calls, and that they come from 200 ridings in 10 provinces and one territory. “Pretty much the whole country,” he said, as reported.

So far, the crux of the investigation has focused on the riding of Guelph, Ont., where the infamous “Pierre Poutine” allegedly organized the calls. “These are very serious matters that strike at the integrity of our democracy,” said Mayrand, quoted by the Montreal Gazette. “Whether it was organized or bigger or whatever, the fact that electors, at least that we know in Guelph, were misdirected by calls falsely made on behalf of Elections Canada is absolutely outrageous.”

Mayrand also said Elections Canada has the resources to investigate the matter, and will issue a report within a year on how electors should use contemporary technology to communicate with voters.


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Robocalls scandal touches ‘pretty much the whole country’: Elections Canada chief

  1. 800 complaints
    200 ridings
    4 complaints per 125,000 voters

    Yup, scandal.

    Just think how well the Liberals would have done if you added 4 votes to each of their ridings!

    They would have recieved 0.00004% more of the popular vote!



    • I didn’t think Conservatives were big on minimizing crime.

      • They’re the biggest gangsters in the country at the moment!

    • But the majority of those called did not lodge a complaint, which makes each individual complaint more significant.  In Guelph, for example, there were only 70 complaints resulting from 6700 calls made, or just over 1%.   If that ratio held true across the country, that could potentially be 75K calls made, almost 400 per riding.  Since some of those ridings had pretty tight races, it potentially could be a scandal.  Or not.  We must await the results of the investigation.

      • It’s not about the numbers. Just the intent of the group responsible.

    • Shoplift a sSnickers, or walk off with a flatscreen – you’ve broken the law either way, my friend.

    •  I thought most crime went unreported?

    • It’s not about the numbers, but the attempt. Persons unknown have impersonated Elections Canada. That alone is a serious crime. Let alone the attempt to mislead voters.

      If I try to kill you and fail, I still get charged with attempted murder, not just the much lesser charge of assault.

    • Wow you can do math… must know everything about politics too.

  2. Dakota- What a pathetic attempt to sweep this under the rug.  But I guess that’s what you con-bots are paid to do.  Sad really.

    • Notice how there’s only ever one or two? Really sad that they can’t even seen they’re the ones that are surrounded.

  3. I’m surprised there aren’t riots in the street.

  4.  We need an entirely new election, we don’t need a white wash inquiry to pretend not to know what everyone already knows. We have anti-gang laws for a reason, so mob bosses like Harper can’t “keep their hands clean” while their underlings get taken down. The Conservative party was only “successful” at the ballot box, despite not having a majority of votes, because the system is outdated. People have had their cars, houses, etc. seized as assets of crime despite no evidence of any criminal act on their part, people who have bought stolen goods without knowing it still lose the goods they bought, the Conservatives victory is proceeds of crime and should be forfeited, regardless of whether or not they succeeded at hiding the paper trail back to their campaign. Considering that Racknine doesn’t just robocall people for free, we know they were paid by someone, and so far it appears that someone was the Conservative campaign. Now, if someone with the authorization to create and send messages over Racknine through a Conservative account used it in an illegal way, it would be the same as if someone using your car with your permission was using it to transport drugs, you can still lose your car and it’s up to you to prove you didn’t know, and this should be no different, unless innocent until proven guilty is only exists for the rich.

  5. I’m not sure but I think this investigation’s gonna take close to forever. It’s sad because we knew who the culprits are but we don’t have sufficient evidence to pin them down. I got a call like that, too. In fact, I reported the phone number at Callercenter to raise a warning and post my complaint. For what it’s worth, I posted the phone number at different blog sites, too. I just hoped it helped warn a lot of people.

  6. Pierre Poutine is now wanted for election fraud.
    He was last seen in the company of Suzette Souvlaki.
    If you see this couple approach with extreme caution.
    Do Not let them near a phone.