Robocalls scandal will drag on as Elections Canada probes Tories’ receipts


Elections Canada announced Monday it is investigating the Conservative party’s campaign spending records in relation to allegations that voters in dozens of ridings were directed to the wrong polling stations in the last federal election—potentially benefiting Tory candidates.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Elections Canada is speaking with at least three workers from the campaign of Conservative candidate Marty Burke in Guelph, Ont. His campaign has admitted using robocalls to promote events during the election that were never reported in the official expense file.

Meanwhile, the National Posts‘s John Ivison is kindly offering a hint for authorities wanting to get to the heart of the robocalls matter:
The digital trail likely ends inside the Conservative party’s own computer system — specifically the Constituency Information Management System database that contains voter information and telephone numbers.
Anyone who wanted to make robocalls sending Liberal and NDP voters to the wrong polling station, similar to the one received by Liberal supporters in Guelph, would likely need CIMS to identify and then contact them. But CIMS is tightly held by the party, with access password protected.
Are you listening, Elections Canada?

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Robocalls scandal will drag on as Elections Canada probes Tories’ receipts

  1. After following this for the past weeks I am becoming more and more concerned about the possible direction that the investigation may lead.  And Im not just referring to Mr Harper but to an unholy affiliation with the Republican Right in the US.
       Harper is not an idiot, he can be righteous all he wants if in fact the conspiracy is orchestrated out of the US.   Plosable Deniability
      There are snippets of this everywhere, from US money donations to Harpers campaign to the Republican dirty tricks head people being on a first man bases with Harper. And of course this type of Robocalls are patently US in nature.
      I think there is a rot and it goes beyond our borders.
      How do you feel about Harper bill on internet security now?

    • It’s
      obvious to me that, the “NOT” honourable stephen harper and the conservative party
      have created a cult mentality amongst its members that allow them, to do
      virtually anything that might be asked of them, even if it’s against the law!

      • While with the National Citizens Coalition he addressed a Republican Convention and told them “Canada is a 3rd class northern European socialist state”  I never understood why the opposition did not note his track record during elections.

  2. One of the factors here, as far as the speed and thoroughness of the investigation goes, may well be a fear of job security. The Harper government is notoriously hard on civil servants who speak out against them – and the top job at EC is open, so there may also be questions among the rank and file as to how the new boss (a Harper appointee) will feel about the direction the investigation should take.

    EC should be an arms-length organization, but there’s the ideal and then there’s reality…

    Let’s hope someone on the invesigative team has the guts to go for the CIMS records.

  3. This scandal can’t be allowed to ‘drag on’. Justice delayed is justice denied – and in the this case, the public’s confidence in Parliament will continue to erode until an open, impartial and TIMELY investigation takes place.

    Please sign the petition @ http://www.change.org/petitions/governor-general-of-canada-suspend-parliament-until-the-issue-of-electoral-fraud-is-resolved#
    Governor General of Canada: Suspend Parliament until the issue of electoral fraud is resolved.

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