Romney almost loses in Iowa

Former Massachusetts governor wins first primary by a mere eight votes


Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney narrowly won the Iowa Republican caucus on Tuesday night, edging out second-place Rick Santorum, a two-time former senator, by a mere eight votes. More than 122,000 votes were cast, with Romney earning 30,015 to Santorum’s 30,007, Postmedia reports. The Iowa caucus is the first step in the bid to earn the nomination for Republican presidential candidate. Results were announced at 2.30 am E.T. following seven hours of waiting for a single precinct that ultimately determined the winner. Libertarian Ron Paul earned a strong third place with 26,186 votes. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich finished a disappointing fourth, while Texas governor Rick Perry was a distant fifth place with a mere 10 per cent of the vote. Sixth place finisher Michele Bachmann today announced her withdrawal from the GOP race.

Postmedia, Wall Street Journal

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Romney almost loses in Iowa

  1. Alternate headline, “Romney wins in Iowa”

    Nice to see that Perry and Bachmann get it handed to them.  I will miss Perry’s unintentional comedy, but Bachmann was just plain nuts.

    I loved listening to some of the Republican analysts who just have such disdain for Romney.  For a guy who is, in my opinion and I think many others, clearly the GOP’s best chance at winning the election, I just don’t get all the crap he gets.

    • The crap he gets is because much of the republican base isn’t sure they WANT Romney to win the election.  They feel he’s a RINO, and won’t be much different than Obama, and they want more than that since it’s their election to lose – Obama has not had a good first term.

      That said, I’m not in disagreement with you exactly.  While I haven’t heard much about Santorum yet, as the latest ‘not Romney’ fad, none of the other candidates that have taken a turn as frontrunner have looked all that electable.  It will be interesting as some of the candidates now start dropping out whether Romney can pick up enough of the remaining support or whether he hits a ceiling and Santorum or Paul goes past him.

    • While that could be an alternate headline, what’s up on offer is far more accurate, especially once you start considering what the results would likely have been had Bachmann withdrew before the vote.

  2. It has changed; there are claims that say now that Rick Santorum won by 12 votes.

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