Romney gets cozy with 'birther' Donald Trump -

Romney gets cozy with ‘birther’ Donald Trump


If you had already forgotten Donald Trump’s flamboyant, yet fleeting role in the American presidential race you may get a new chance to see him in action. Republican candidate Mitt Romney will soon be seen campaigning along the self-proclaimed business guru. Whether the divisive Trump, who continues to assert that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya, will help or hinder Romney’s bid for the White House remains to be seen.

At least one conservative commentator is unimpressed. Appearing on ABC yesterday, George Will called Trump a “bloviating ignoramus,” and slammed Romney’s judgement for letting him play a prominent role in the campaign:

Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics. Again, I don’t understand the benefit. What is Romney seeking?

Romney’s camp is already on the defensive, anticipating the backlash of campaigning with a birther. From Think Progress:

Romney is holding a fundraiser with Trump next month, and his advisers have defended the event by insisting that “a candidate can’t be responsible for everything that their supporters say.” They insist that the former Massachusetts governor “accepts the fact that [Obama] was born in Hawaii.”

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Romney gets cozy with ‘birther’ Donald Trump

  1. Now Trump can join Barry Obummer himself, and his book publisher as “birthers”. Comrade Barry and his publisher both claimed up until 2007 that Obummer was born in Kenya, and was raised in Tunisia and Hawaii. Those crazy “birthers”, they’ll say anything to get Obummer re-elected. LOL!

    • Does your Doctor, or mental health professional, know that you’ve been left unattended without having taken your meds?

      • Poor little girl… do the facts hurt your feelings? Perhaps some accidental fluff blew into your empty head and is causing you some confusion.

        • It’s pretty obvious that you are impervious to things like facts, but Obama first published a memoir in 1995. So please explain how “Barry Obummer himself and his book publisher” are “birthers”? In the book, he very clearly describes how and where his parents met, where he was born (here’s a clue, it starts with “H” and ends in “awaii”) as well as the portion of his childhood spent in Indonesia, prior to his return to America. Now I know that posting anonymously from your parents’ basement probably makes you feel like a big, tough guy, but up here in the real world, you come off as either crazy or moronic. So which one is it? Or is this not an either/or proposition?

          • Geez little girl, you sure are ugly… an obvious lefty trait. Are you refering to the book that Bill Ayers the terrorist wrote, and Barry took credit for? A simple search will show you that up until 2007 Barry Obummers publisher had a press release that stated that Barry was born in Kenya, got that so far little girl, obviously this was done with Barrys consent. So, was Barry a “birther” or his publisher… or perhaps both are liars, like yourself. Now I understand that you’re just a little girl with a head full of fluff, and I don’t want to further damage your already delicate condition, but there is no clean end to a turd, so don’t try and pick it up. LOL!

    • Donald Trump is playing a “prominent” role in Mitt Romney’s campaign much the same way that Jeremiah Wright/Al Sharpton are playing a “prominent” role in Obama’s campaign.
      Perdomo is just another leftwing LSM lackey nutjob.

      • Yeah, because Wright and Sharpton are throwing fundraisers for the President, and are acting as media surrogates, while attempting to advance a tired and previously discredited line of attack. It’s exactly the same thing. Even other Republicans, most notably George Will, are wondering out loud what Romney hopes to gain from associating with a blowhard like Trump. And if the tinfoil hat wearing set are describing her as a part of the “LSM” (very clever that), then Perdomo must be doing something right.