Romney losing support of American seniors -

Romney losing support of American seniors


While it’s no surprise that Romney’s support has taken a hit in the wake of last week’s 47 per cent controversy, recent polls suggest that the Republican nominee is losing the support of American seniors—a vital base that Romney will need to win swing states like Florida in November, Reuters reports.

New polling by Reuters/Ipsos indicates that Romney’s support among Americans age 60 and older shrink from a 20-point to a 4-point lead over President Obama.

Although the numbers could still change before the election in November, Romney’s decision to make Medicare a central issue in his campaign seems to be working out differently than the Republicans had planned. Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, put forward a budget in the House of Representatives that would have cut a number of government entitlements for seniors and turned Medicare, a health-care system for retired and disabled Americans, from one of universal coverage to a single stipend. The suggestion is not sitting well with older Americans, and Ryan was booed at a recent AARP gathering when he said he would end Obamacare. AARP is a grassroots lobby group representing Americans over the age of 50 and has over 37 million members.

Analysts say that Romney must have the majority of older voters, who vote in high numbers and historically have been reliably Republican, if he wants to win on November 6.


Romney losing support of American seniors

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    This is the start of Romney’s new feel good week. Need healthcare ?Just use the ER.Really? Romney is just an ingrained ultra-rich man who has lived no other life and cannot fathom what it means to old or be poor. He considers himself and his wife above the crowd. He is blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to empathy and understanding that ordinary hard working people have the right to living a decent life with real healthcare. He fired thousands to make his millions with no understanding the he was destroying families. It’s all just spreadsheets to him…… Ann should explain to him that the ER does not provide continuous needed treated for people like her with MS. Maybe he would finally get it,