Rona Ambrose facing backlash for personhood vote -

Rona Ambrose facing backlash for personhood vote


After voting to re-evaluate Canadian policy on when personhood begins, minister of state for the status of women, Rona Ambrose, is facing backlash for her vote.

People have been calling for Ambrose’s resignation and criticism on Thursday after supporting M-312, a private member’s motion that would study when a fetus becomes a person.

An online petition asking that she step down gained thousands of signatures. Organizations like the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and the Fédération des femmes du Québec also signed the petition.



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Rona Ambrose facing backlash for personhood vote

  1. How come these so-called women’s groups never have anything to say about the very real threat to the status of women that stems from mass 3rd world immigration? You know, polygamy, arranged marriages, Shariah law, honour killings, the burqa, etc. I’m pro-choice myself but I can’t help but notice that they express a lot of concern about the abortion issue but there’s nothing but a deafening silence when it comes to the immediate
    dangers that 3rd world immigration has already brought to Canadian women.

    • Because in this country people are governed by Canadian law, not Sharia? What exactly are you trying to say? I’m sorry, but currently it’s sounding more than a little racist…

      • And you are sounding a lot more blind and stupid, in light of the patently obvious. That being the complete takeover of western society by the ishmaelites. The brutal imposition of sharia law, which tolerates no criticism at all, especially from women. So marisa, enjoy your burkha and your male dominated freedoms, because its people like you who are supporting sharia

        • Please tell me exactly how Sharia law is being imposed on Canadian citizens? The only attempt to set up Sharia courts was made in Ontario in 2005, and it was shut down!

          Good job insulting me and then spewing your unsubstanciated rhetoric, though!

        • People in Canada are subject to Canadian law, period. The most recent attempt to introduce Sharia law was in 2005 in Ontario and it was shut down. The women’s groups that FPSC claimed didn’t care about that situation were the ones contributing to the protests that occured.

          Maybe try to substantiate your claims once in a while instead of just insulting people on the internet because they disagree with you while being in possession of the facts.

    • It might be because you haven’t been listening very carefully. These “so-called women’s groups” have all sorts of things to say about all this stuff and more.

  2. A recent pic of the hair? You figure after the assassinations, members in the chain of command would give this one a rest.
    Reading about the USA government, they have a means to discharge senile Senators. A 2/3s vote. We need something like that. They could still be paid consultants or something for files where they have competancy. I’d like to see the C-SPAN archives where senile Speakers talk in the USA before they changed their rules.