Rue McClanahan Dies -

Rue McClanahan Dies

Golden Girls star was 76


Stage and TV actress Rue McClanahan has died of a stroke at the age of 76. She was best known for her role as the man-hungry Blanche Deveraux on the hit show The Golden Girls. She also played roles on Maude and Mama’s Family. On The Golden Girls, she was originally considered for the role of Rose, the ditzy character, with Betty White the choice to play Blanche; the two decided to switch roles. McClanahan’s death leaves White as the only surviving member of the Golden Girls cast.


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Rue McClanahan Dies

  1. so sad – lovely lady Rest in Peace Rue

  2. Very sad! RIP Rue

  3. Sad indeed… I also loved her in "out to Sea" with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau

  4. everyone will miss this lovely lady still watch the golden girls peace be with you and the other ladies you are with nowg

  5. Another Gem of a person gone. RIP dear Rue. You, Bea and Estelle are making them laugh in Heaven.

  6. Thank you for being a friend.

  7. I found this news to be utterly heartbreaking, until I realised I have no idea who this person was.

    • I am a little confused by this comment…Was this an attempt at humour.? or just a crass comment…just wondering??

        • Thankyou, I am no longer confused.

    • Do u feel good insulting the deceased for your unfunny humour?

        • Mr.wordswrth, I am not sure if Libra's comment was ment for you, or i will reply also (hope you don't mind)… Libra, What was the insult ?

          • My comment was obviously directed at Justin, not you. I can't believe you couldn't figure that out for yourself.

          • Libra, you replied to my comment, not Justin's.. that is why I asked. Hint- When you click the ''Reply Button'' it say's Replying to _ _ _ _ _,, Then your good to go !

          • Thanks, but I did click onto the "replying to Justin" button

        • It's insulting, or dissing when you need to use someone's death as an attempt at humour. Why bother to comment at all if you don't know who she was?

  8. very sad RIP and thank you for all the laughs and smiles

  9. So SAD.. I grew up watching "The Golden Girls" Rue's roll as Blanche was my ultimate FAVORITE. I learned a lot from that show. SUCH A WONDERFUL SHOW. Sad to see u leave!

  10. very sad! I still watch the show every chance i get. I loed her character as Blanche. RIP, you will be missed and thank-you for you many years of humour.

  11. So sad… Very sad.. Rue… Have a "Safe Journey" My simpathy to her family…

  12. 2008 Estelle Getty passed away….2009 Bea Arthur passed away…2010 Rue Mclanahan has passed…Will 2011 be it for Betty White??? RIP to all of those wonderful women who made us all laugh.

  13. Rest In Peace Rue. You touched all our hearts x You will be MISSED EVERYDAY xx

    Love Gracie xx

    Scotland x

  14. Thank you for being a Friend….Rest in Peace, Blanche!

    They don't make sitcoms they way they used to. Real women have gone the evangelical narrow-minded or boob and boots route, unfortunately, and the laughter, sparks and intelligence of Blanche Devereaux's Golden Girls has yet to be duplicated…

    LONG LIVE GOLDEN GIRLS! The DVDs are in store….

  15. I loved you and will miss you. You are loved by alot of people. THE GOLDEN GIRLS RULE!

  16. Rue was an actor who's comedic timing came close to that of Lucy's. She will be missed.

  17. Thank you for your presentation, Rue. We'll miss you, and know that now you are having a very good time.

  18. Very sad; just watched Golden Girls today. Rue was such a talented lady and will be missed alot.