Rush Limbaugh confesses his existential malaise -

Rush Limbaugh confesses his existential malaise


I really wish I had a good reason to post this. I don’t, but here it is anyway.

Rush Limbaugh, raw and unplugged, courtesy of The Onion:

I’ve imagined my death a thousand times over, and it’s always the same. In my mind’s eye, a serene setting comes into view. I see a funeral procession driving down some small-town Main Street in Nowheresville, U.S.A. On one side of the street, a collection of sycophants and morons are paying their respects in subliterate, sanctimonious tones. Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, I can just make out the faint image of a young boy, his brow furrowed in confusion, clutching the hand of his father. “Who is that man, Daddy?” he asks as the hearse containing my bloated, lifeless body rolls by. “Who is that person they speak of?” The father will then lower his head and say, “There, my son, go the remains of Rush Hudson Limbaugh, the most abominable lump of festering dog shit in the history of American broadcasting. May the likes of him never again soil or tarnish the greatness of our fair country.”

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Rush Limbaugh confesses his existential malaise

  1. Lol! Eerily similar to the times I've imagined his death!

  2. Know thyself.

  3. Thank god for rush limbaugh! i can only imagine what this country might have become with the likes of the clintons and now obama .long live america ….the way the white founding fathers intended .

  4. Did he really say that about himself .. wow .. I had no idea he actually practised the humility he preaches – go figure!

  5. For those unaware, The Onion site is satire.

  6. Why is this sort of thing even linked to in Macleans?

  7. May I answer your question with a question? Does it make you feel like a victim?

  8. To make me smile?

    • One man's Onion is another man's Steyn.

  9. The Onion couldn't have picked on a nicer abominable lump of festering dog shit.

  10. The Onion couldn't have satirized a nicer abominable lump of festering dog sh*t.

  11. F***in' A!

    Besides save AM radio, what did Rush ever accomplish?

    The only thing festering here is the hatred of others.

  12. Pishposh! As long as Rush's moronic ramblings allowed even one idiot follower to debase the level of discourse in American politics, he will have done his job and will die happy.